Johnnie Walker Unveils $35,000 NFT

For the first time, Johnnie Walker is offering seven buyers the chance to not just own an extremely rare bottle of whisky, but the first NFT in the brand’s history.

By: Tiff Christie|May 25,2022

If you had thought that spirit NFTs were perhaps just a flash in a cocktail shaker, then it might be time to think again.

Global whisky brand Johnnie Walker has thrown their hat into the ring, in collaboration with NFT marketplace to offer seven whisky connoisseurs the chance to own a bottle of 48-year-old Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour NFTs, alongside their digital art and access to an exclusive brand experience in Scotland.


Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour NFTs will be available for purchase on 31 May 2022 on a first-come-first-served basis.

Priced at US$35,000 the Johnnie Walker Masters of Flavour NFTs are available to purchase with ETH or by fiat money. To buy the NFTs, each participant must have either US$35,000 in their Ethereum based wallet connected to the site or receive pre-approval if they intend to pay via wire transfer.

Users who successfully check out will also receive an artwork NFT by BossLogic transferred to their wallet.

“At Johnnie Walker, we’re always challenging ourselves to create unique experiences that people can enjoy and engage with around the world,” said Julie Bramham, Johnnie Walker’s global brand director.

“This innovative collaboration with BlockBar puts Johnnie Walker at the cutting edge of what is possible in whisky, providing something truly unique for whisky aficionados and collectors around the world


According to Johnnie Walker, the tokens unlock access to a piece of graphic design created by artist Kode Abdo, who is also known as BossLogic. Kode Abdo is known for his posters created for some of the biggest films of the last few years.

More recently, he teamed up with footballer Lionel Messi to create a new series of artistic NFTs featuring the global sports icon.

“I’m proud to present this once-in-a-lifetime collection of seven one-of-a-kind works of art. Each piece is a unique celebration of the souls of life, paired with seven rare bottles of 48-year-old Blended Scotch Whisky. Seven treasures reserved for only the most worthy of connoisseurs,” Kode Abdo said.

Moreover, the owners of the NFTs will be given a one-off opportunity to visit Johnnie Walker Princes Street – the brand’s visitor experience in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Additionally, they will also tour the iconic Glenkinchie Distillery, which plays an integral role in the crafting of Johnnie Walker whisky, and enjoy VIP tastings of whiskies from the Diageo collection.

“Partnering with Johnnie Walker for its first-ever NFT drop is so exciting,” said Dov Falic, CEO and co-founder of BlockBar. “This partnership demonstrates how an NFT can be so much more than just one product, it can be an experience like no other that offers buyers exclusive long-lasting access to a brand, its heritage and its future.”

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Johnnie Walker Unveils $35,000 NFT

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