Unleash Your "Summer Self" With Bacardí's "Move Like It's Summer" Campaign

Bacardi Is Summer-Ready with a fresh iteration of its “Do What Moves You” campaign, as well as a new canned cocktail lineup

By: Tiff Christie|April 12,2022

Bacardi Rum is hitting “play” on summertime vibes and sun-soaked festivities in its colourful “Move Like It’s Summer” creative ad campaign. The new iteration, under the brand’s “Do What Moves You” ethos, encourages everyone to embrace their summer selves, seize the flavour of life, and soak up every ounce of sunshine this summer with Bacardí in hand.

Centred around summertime sips – including Bacardí Real Rum Canned Cocktails and cups brimming with Bacardí Coconut and Bacardí Superior rum-infused cocktails – the newfangled campaign plays up the warm-weather occasions we’ve all been waiting for. From lively block parties to carefree beach days – each vignette bursts with life as we bid farewell to the ordinary and slide into the season of spontaneity, beach lounging, and day parties that turn into night parties.

In addition to the hero 30-second ‘Move Like It’s Summer’ campaign film, the summer campaign is comprised of two 15 second vignettes fittingly entitled ‘Beach Day,’ and ‘Block Party,’ each depicting the colourful flavours of the season with vibrant visuals that pop in each scene, exemplifying the style and swag of a Bacardí-fueled summer. “Que Calor” by Major Lazer and J. Balvin sets the tone in all the clips, stirring up spirited dance parties from a balmy shoreline to a bustling street corner, each complete with Bacardí Real Rum Canned Cocktails and tropical concoctions for all.

“Bacardí is all about doing what moves you, and there is no better time to adopt that mindset than summer,” says Ned Duggan, Global Senior Vice President for Bacardí rum. “We believe in keeping that spirit alive year-round, but it’s always exciting for Bacardí when summer rolls around since that’s when people are really looking to break free of the winter funk, get out and spend time with loved ones.”

In ‘Beach Day,’ a man discovers disconnected wires buried beneath the sand, which he plugs together to blare “Que Calor” through a freestanding wall of speakers on the beach. To the crack of the can opening, surrounding beachgoers hear the music and ditch their outer layers to reveal vibrant clothing and tropical flair. A woman on a sun lounger raps her nails on the side of her Bacardí Real Rum Canned Cocktail, the colour of her nail polish changing along with the flavour of the can.

In ‘Block Party,’ a woman on a balcony holding a Bacardí cocktail looks down at a crowded, busy street intersection. “Que Calor” is playing through a small radio until she motions from her window for the crossing guard to crank up the volume.

The guard smiles and places a megaphone in front of the radio to amplify the music. A full-blown dance party emerges around her, and her shoes transform in colour with each step, as dozens of coconuts tumble out of a Bacardí branded delivery truck, and partiers sip tropical rum cocktails while jamming to the sounds of summer.

“We wanted to celebrate that spontaneous, carefree and liberating feeling that comes so naturally with the summer season,” says Laila Mignoni, Global Head of Brand Marketing Communications for Bacardí rum.

“We were able to capture that sentiment through all the spot’s creative elements, colourful transitions, and of course, the music, which really shined through with a huge thanks to the talented directing duo, Cliqua. Their strong background in music was the perfect accompaniment to the upbeat campaign we envisioned.”

Along with its new “Move Like It’s Summer” campaign, Bacardí welcomes the season with flavorful additions to its product portfolio. After all, no one puts more Caribbean in a can than Bacardí, so, ditch the shakers, shots and mixers, and stay moving with Bacardí Real Rum Canned Cocktails.

The perfect companion for on-the-go imbibing and high-energy drinking occasions all year long, brand-new RTD flavours have officially hit shelves just in time for warmer weather, including Bacardí Piña Colada and a brand-new Mojito Variety Pack with new Mango Mojito and Strawberry Mojito variants – joining a robust lineup of full-flavoured real rum canned cocktail offerings including longtime summer favourites, Sunset Punch and Rum Punch.

Seize the flavour of life and join Bacardí in celebrating the season by checking out the brand’s new summer ad spots: Move Like It’s Summer :30, Block Party :15 and Beach Party :15.

Concepted and created by BBDO New York, the “Move Like It’s Summer” ad spots will run through September 2022, and will live on Meta, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Spotify and National TV. The spot will air during the NBA Playoffs, cable originals and within premium Connected TV environments.

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Unleash Your "Summer Self" With Bacardí's "Move Like It's Summer" Campaign

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