Tanqueray & Netflix's "Bridgerton" Want You To "Make It T-Time"

Tanqueray and “Bridgerton” are taking one of society’s fanciest occasions and giving it a modern-day makeover… it’s not teatime, it’s T-Time.

By: Tiff Christie|March 22,2022

Back in the day – the Regency era, to be exact – teatime actually meant something. It was one of society’s fanciest occasions; a moment to gossip, flirt, laugh with friends and of course sip in superior style. So how does one reclaim teatime and give it a modern-day spin, making it fun, fabulous and – dare we say­ – fancy again?


Tanqueray is officially announcing its “Bridgerton” “Make it T-time” partnership; a creative collaboration celebrating the smash Netflix show’s second season premiere on March 25. In appropriately regal fashion, fans are cordially invited to discover how Tanqueray (the “T,” if you will) can turn the traditional idea of teatime into oh-so-fancy “T-time.”

In keeping with the whimsical look and feel of the show, the multi-phased “T-time” campaign is launching with an original video content series starring pop culture icon and continued Tanqueray brand partner Joe Jonas, who gamely learns “how to become a Bridgerton” with the help of Jonathan Bailey who plays Anthony Bridgerton, and “Bridgerton” superfan and comedian Phoebe Robinson.

As if that wasn’t already enough, fans will have a chance to win one of three exclusive “Bridgerton”-inspired experiences by proudly showcasing how they #makeitTtime leading up to and after the season two premiere in a Tanqueray social media contest.

By sharing an original photo or video content on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook highlighting their very best ways of dancing, drinking, and dressing for “T-time,” users will be automatically entered to win one of three experiences:

  • Exclusive access to The Queen’s Ball experience in New York City including complimentary hotel accommodations, an appointment with a stylist who will dress them in the finest Regency-era regalia, a “T-time” happy hour experience, and VIP access to The Queen’s Ball, an immersive “Bridgerton”-themed ball.
  • A curated “Bridgerton” Watch Party with up to 10 friends featuring Regency-era décor and a “T-time” cocktail experience hosted at a lavish hotel suite or viewing location.
  • A Regency-Era Live Oil Painting where 10 friends come along to a boisterous “T-time” party in a luxurious hotel suite, where a stylist will costume everyone in “Bridgerton”-inspired fineries and a live painter will whip up an expertly rendered Regency-era painting of you and your guests.

“Teatime in the Regency Era was the epitome of elegance,” said Christina Choi, SVP of Rum, Tequila, Gin at Diageo. “And with the second season of ‘Bridgerton’ on the horizon, I think it’s the perfect time to bring this grand tradition out of the sitting rooms, drawing rooms and garden gazebos of yore to give it a fresh, modern-day twist.

“‘T-time’ is the perfect occasion to take a break from your day-to-day routine,” Choi continued, “adding a little bit of sparkle, scandal and surprise to your life by enjoying a delightful Tanqueray cocktail or two with your friends and loved ones.”

In keeping with the lavishness that was a defining characteristic of the Regency era, there’s one more decadent detail worth mentioning: Limited-edition Tanqueray x “Bridgerton” cocktail kits which are now available for purchase via ahead of the season two premiere.

Delicious tea-inspired Tanqueray cocktails will be featured in three different kits representing the esteemed families featured in season two: the Bridgertons, the Featheringtons and the Sharmas.


“Bridgerton has such a unique aesthetic that transports viewers into a lavish, stylish, diverse world. And after season one, we saw just how much fans enjoyed bringing that world home through fashion, decor, and gatherings,” said Magno Herran, Head of Marketing Partnerships at Netflix.

“Watching the internet’s favorite almost-Bridgerton, Joe Jonas, learning how to ‘T’ from Jonathan Bailey and Phoebe Robinson is a celebration of all of us who are channeling our inner Bridgerton and gearing up for season two.”

To learn more about Tanqueray, head to and follow @tanquerayusa on Instagram and Twitter for #makeitTtime contest announcements.

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Tanqueray & Netflix's "Bridgerton" Want You To "Make It T-Time"

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