Celebrating Irish Whiskey With A Kick

We end our celebration of Irish Whiskey with a video to show you how to make the classic Irish Whiskey cocktail, Cameron’s Kick

By: Tiff Christie|March 4,2022

While there is an ever-increasing number of cocktails that will do justice to any good Irish Whiskey, one of our favourites is the classic drink, Cameron’s Kick.

Originally appearing in Harry MacElhone’s 1922 ABC of Mixing Cocktails¬†before later being repeated in Harry Craddock’s 1930s The Savoy Cocktail Book (although the proportional measurements were slightly different from what we know today).¬†

The kick, of course, comes from the mixing of Irish Whiskey with Scotch Whisky, to which is added a little Orgeat and Lemon Juice.

Special thanks to bartender Lou Dare and the Sydney bar True Romance for making this wonderful classic for us.

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Celebrating Irish Whiskey With A Kick

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