26 Questions - Charles Joly

Ever wondered how a Global Bartending Champion wants to be remembered? We asked the incomparable Charles Joly 26 questions.

By: Tiff Christie|November 9,2021

Whether you’ve drunk one of his bottled Crafthouse Cocktails or used one of his Crafthouse by Fortessa bar tools or even been served by him at The Avery, there isn’t a person who is into cocktails who doesn’t know the name, Charles Joly.

He’s a global bartending champion, a James Beard award-winning beverage designer and was voted America’s Bartender of the Year.

So we thought we’d ask him 26 questions.

No matter whether you’re curious about his favourite song lyric or his most treasured industry memory, we have the answers that give us a bit more insight into this Chicago native

So join us while we ask one of the suavest men in bartending, 26 Questions …


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26 Questions - Charles Joly

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