Celebrate Sherry Week by Bringing Sherry "Back to the Bar"

Now in its 8th year, International Sherry Week is a global festival and the world’s largest celebration of wines from Southern Spain.

By: Tiff Christie|November 8,2021

The House of Lustau, one of the world’s leading producers of sherry wine, is celebrating this year’s Sherry Week from November 8-14 by welcoming sherry back to the bar.

The House of Lustau dates back to 1896 when Mr. José Ruiz-Berdejo began cultivating the vines of his family’s state in his spare time. In 1931, his daughter María Ruiz-Berdejo Alberti, acquired a small winery and from there, The House of Lustau came to be.


Since then, they have been awarded multiple medals and trophies, including Best Sherry Producer twice by the International Wine & Spirits Competition. Today, Bodegas Lustau is imported by Europvin USA and is considered a world-class benchmark for top-quality wines.

International Sherry Week is a global festival and the world’s largest celebration of wines from Southern Spain, now in its 8th year. The annual event brings together sherry lovers from four continents through a multitude of innovative and inspirational events both on and offline.

This Sherry Week, The House of Lustau is delighted to announce a new, one-of-a-kind event for sherry lovers and restaurant-goers alike. Head chefs and bartenders at ten restaurants across the United States are teaming up to create a food and sherry cocktail pairing in honour of the celebration. In addition to the pairings, which will be offered all week long, the chefs and bartenders will create short videos explaining their creations to their guests.

Two restaurants in New York (Ernesto’s and Gage & Tollner), Washington DC (Service Bar and Serenata), Massachusetts (Taberna de Haro and Yvonne’s) and Illinois (Jaleo and Mercat a la Planxa) and one in Washington (Mamnoon) and Texas (The Esquire Tavern) will be participating in the festivities.

Visitors of these restaurants during Sherry Week will be able to order the pairing and scan the QR codes on coasters and table tents to watch their restaurant’s chef and bartender discuss the elements of the dish and cocktail. The QR codes will also give visitors the opportunity to watch the videos created by the other restaurants to get a better sense of sherry’s diversity.

With 125 years of history, Bodegas Lustau continues to place amongst the world’s most admired and awarded wineries. Their upcoming Sherry Week celebration will offer an experience that showcases their passion and dedication to sherry wine.

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Celebrate Sherry Week by Bringing Sherry "Back to the Bar"

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