Celebrating Australia's T-25

Would your home bartending skills enable you to make cocktails as well as the bartenders that conceived them? Australia’s T-25 will let you try.

By: Tiff Christie|November 5,2021

If like most of us, you spent your lockdown putting your home bar tools to good use, then we have a challenge for you – well, actually 25 challenges, as it happens.

Drinks World has put together their T-25 list of the top 25 bartenders in Australia and asked those 25 to each create a unique, new cocktail based on the 25 of the worlds finest spirits – and they are turning the selection into a book.

Not only will you be able to sample some brilliantly conceived and expertly crafted cocktails in the bars where they were dreamt up, but you will be able to buy the T25 Cocktails for the Home Bartender book that shows you how to make all 25 cocktails at home.


“The hospitality industry has weathered the ‘rona storm with incredible resilience and very few complaints,” said Ashley Pini, Drinks World founder, “so we’re thrilled to be celebrating Aussie cocktail culture, some of the world’s finest spirits and, above all, the liquid legends who consistently put our cocktails and bars on the world map.

“We wanted to do something different this year and give back to the industry, so the book is a natural evolution of previous T25 campaigns. It’s equally at home on a coffee table or a home bartop, and makes a brilliant Christmas present that gives back with every copy sold.”

So why not take the challenge and see whether your drinks skills are on par with some of the countries best. Below is a list of the bartenders and their bars, so why not go to the bar, drink the cocktail, buy the book and then make that same drink at home.


But if you’re worried that the drinks may just be a bit too advanced, don’t. The book has been designed to cater to every level of cocktail maker from beginner to advanced. And once you’ve made the cocktail you tried, there will be 24 other drinks to try out.

So as the silly season begins, challenge yourself against Australia’s top 25 (or maybe give the book as a gift to someone you think should take the challenge) and see what you can do. Don’t forget to visit the bars as well, as they would be mighty pleased to see you.

The website will have all the details from November 7th (although you can sneak over and register your interest before then). All profits from the sale of the book go back to the contributing bartenders, as a thank you for helping to keep our cocktail culture alive during the most trying of times.

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Celebrating Australia's T-25

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