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7 Día de Muertos Cocktails

Día de Muertos originated with 16th Century Aztecs from the belief that death is not to be feared,but merely another passage of life.

By: Tiff Christie|October 31,2021

In Mexican tradition, death isn’t something that’s feared or avoided. In fact, it’s simply seen as part of the human cycle. And during Día de Muertos, the border between the real world and the spiritual world gives way, so spirits can be with family and friends once again.


Marigold Mule

Patrón Paloma Roja



Recuerdo Sour

El Diablo

Pan De Muertos

So, how does one create an atmosphere to help bring the spirits back? With ofrendas. Ofrendas, Spanish for offerings, are special memorials or non-religious altars adorned with gifts for the deceased consisting of a wide range of objects from photos and family memorabilia, to food and beverages — including, you guessed it, tequila.

Today, many people believe that during Día de Muertos, which takes place November 1st and 2nd, our deceased love ones have divine permission to visit us on earth to enjoy the pleasures of life.

 Although it falls at a similar time, Día de Muertos is different from Halloween (which is a Celtic tradition celebrated on October 31st). On Halloween, it is believed that the worlds between the living and the dead become blurred and spirits can cause disturbances on Earth.

As time has evolved, Día de Muertos has continued to be a traditional holiday, celebrating with ofrendas, marigolds, skulls and parades. Meanwhile, Halloween still has many “spooky elements”, yet it is less about spirits returning to Earth and has transitioned to traditions where people dress up, share festive treats and carve pumpkins.

This year we celebrated Día de Muertos with Patrón Tequila, so special thanks for the use of their recipes and images.

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7 Día de Muertos Cocktails

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