Misunderstood Whiskey With J.D. Recobs & Chris Buglisi

If you’ve been a bit scared off by Whiskey, then maybe it’s time you tried Misunderstood, the American Whiskey with a little gingerly love.

By: Tiff Christie|October 13,2021

Out of all the spirits categories, you wouldn’t think that whiskey would be one that would need to be classified as misunderstood.

Yet, childhood friends, JD and Chris found that their favourite spirit was indeed much maligned by their friends who didn’t find the spirit very approachable.

So the pair started Misunderstood in an attempt to try and bring their friends around with the perfect blend of complexity and drinkability.

Starting the brand with no more experience in the industry than what they had gained through drinking the spirit, they set themselves the ambitious task of appealing to those who experience ‘whiskey-phobia’.

But how do you take a spirit that is hundreds of years old and make it more approachable?

We talked to Misunderstood’s co-founders J.D. Recobs and Chris Buglisi about blending infusing and of course making cocktails.

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Tiff: Out of all the spirits categories, you wouldn't think that whiskey would be one that would need to be classified as misunderstood.
Yet, childhood friends, JD and Chris found that their favourite spirit was indeed much maligned by their friends who didn't find the spirit very approachable.
So the pair started Misunderstood in an attempt to try and bring their friends around with the perfect blend of complexity and drinkability.
Starting the brand with no more experience in the industry than what they had gained through drinking the spirit, they set themselves the ambitious task of appealing to those who experience 'whiskey-phobia'.
But how do you take a spirit that is hundreds of years old and make it more approachable?
We talked to Misunderstood’s co-founders J.D. Recobs and Chris Buglisi about blending infusing and of course making cocktails.
Thank you both for joining us.
JD: It's great to be here. Thank you so much for having us and for the time we really appreciate it
Tiff: So that we don't misunderstand, what exactly is Misunderstood Whiskey?
JD: So misunderstood, literally started with a whole lot of love and a dream. Chris and I have known each other since we were kids, and the whole goal of misunderstood was to bring people together and take a new look at the whiskey category as a whole.
Be a really relaxed, laid back brand on something that we welcome people to play with and also change perceptions about whiskey break whiskey out of its bottle, have a ton of fun with cocktails, but of course, enjoy it neat, on the rocks.
There was a divide in the category. We saw that there were new whiskey drinkers that were a little bit of afraid of the typical, 12-year-old bourbons or whiskeys if you will, and then there were the connoisseurs. So we want to bring both of those people together without sacrificing quality for flavour and just have a lot of fun doing it. And yeah, that's pretty much misunderstood
Tiff: Is whiskey-phobia, really a thing though?
JD: Oh, my gosh, Chris, you want to tell her about all the whiskey phobia?
Chris: I think, you don't even need words to describe whiskey phobia. I think you just need people's reactions when they smell whiskey and then after they maybe take a shot of whiskey or try whiskey, whiskey phobia is definitely a thing. And it's associated, I completely think with a whiskey face.
You have people who smell whiskey and they might cringe. And then they take a shot and they, they give you a thumbs up, like it was good, but they look like they just went through so much pain trying that.
So we recognised that when we were probably 23, 22 years old. And when Jay talked about the divide and category, typical flavoured whiskeys were designed to make it seem like you're not drinking, that was the whole point. And we wanted to make something that bridged that gap between your craft whiskeys and your flavoured whiskeys, where it's still whiskey forward, but a little bit easier to drink. So I completely think whiskey phobia is a thing.
We sample thousands and thousands of people a year and you have to convince them to try the whiskey, but they're so surprised about it because it's definitely a very drinkable, approachable whiskey and light on the finish.
It exists out there, we witness it every single day and we try to convert people to the dark side, to the whiskey side and it seems to work. It seems to work
JD: most of the time, it's been working so far.
Tiff: I suppose aroma is a big factor?
JD: A hundred percent everything in our whiskey has a purpose. We can, of course, talk about how we even got to ginger, but we use a couple of different species of ginger in our whiskey and they both really focuses on the finish of the whiskey, turning that typical whiskey burn, if you will, into a light refreshing heat.
And then there's a second species, which is really going to come out on the nose, sometimes when you put some ice into it, as the spirit dilutes, you're really going to get some of those floral notes as well. And then of course that we get from the wood and from the whiskey itself they all come together.
We have a higher corn mash bill so you're definitely gonna get some of those sweeter notes and it really compliments the spiciness of that ginger.
Tiff: Now, we've talked about people who are scared of whiskey, but who is your whiskey actually aimed at? Could a connoisseur appreciate it as much as the novice?
JD: Absolutely. We definitely target those who are looking to get into the category and we do that with the ginger and the lightness of the spirit as a whole. Again, I mentioned that corn, corn is typically lighter, you're getting a bit sweeter notes from that and balances really well with that finish of our ginger. But we do bottle at 80 proof and there's a reason for that. Typically when you have infused spirits or blended spirits or flavoured spirits, whatever you want to call it, usually they're packed with a lot of stuff that's not on the label. High fructose corn syrup is one of them. Sometimes they have artificial ingredients and the proof is lower as well. Sometimes you're seeing 60, 70 proof. We wanted to be a cocktail proof if you will. So we wanted it to be at least 80 proof and it truly to like a bridge that gap between your connoisseurs and your rookies. So we really wanted to bridge that gap and bring still, like Chris said, a whiskey forward expression, but still have a little bit of a different finish at the end,. And we've had tons of whiskey connoisseurs try this from behind the bar, at their home, we've had a lot of folks try it and they really appreciate just the uniqueness of it. So if we have seen that reaction and then gotten newbies into the whiskey world, it's just a really great experience. But we're definitely targeting those who are newer to whiskey and those who just love making cocktails and having just a ton of fun with their spirits. So that's our target.
Tiff: Now I mentioned earlier that you were seeking to find that perfect balance between complexity and drinkability. How difficult was that to actually do.
Chris: You know, it was difficult to do. We'd be lying if we're like a day one, we knew exactly it was gonna be a ginger whiskey, that was not the case at all. And JD and I have very vivid memories of us opening up our refrigerator, I think our roommates at the time have these memories too where you open up the fridge and there was probably like 30 to 40 Mason jars of different infusions that we had in the fridge. And, some of them had mould and some of them were gross. Some of them turned different colours that we didn't know what was going on. So it was a process of elimination.
It took us four years to really go from idea to get the bottle the whiskey. And it was a lot of labour of love that went into that. And it really started from a kitchen recipe. And once we dialled down on ginger, because the goal was to be whiskey forward but to take away a little bit of that bite at the end and ginger is able to do that.
There's a lot of people who are ginger fanatics out there who, drink straight blended ginger juice every single day, and they know how spicy and peppery it is. So it's something that can go toe to toe with that whiskey finish and actually win.
The second step of that was figuring out how do you balance it? Because ginger can overwhelm, as a cocktail or a blended whiskey as well. So that was the second part of this. What types of ginger. We started diving into that there were tons of varietals of ginger in there that balances the whiskey out. And then what's the mash bill that compliments that ginger.
And we have a very high corn mash bill in our whiskey and that's on purpose and that's to mute the ginger a little bit because we started with a mash bill and that was almost combative with the ginger. So we wanted to just make something that really takes you for a little bit of a nice rollercoaster if you will once you try it. And it had to do with the types of ginger and it also had to do with the mash bill as well and what we dialled it on once we bottled.
Tiff: And what you settled on was a blend between bourbon and American whiskey.
Chris: That's correct. Yeah. Yeah, so it's a Bourbon and then it's an American whiskey, which for people who are listening, American whiskey is literally the same thing as bourbon. It's just aged in previously used bourbon barrels instead of new American Oak. And we liked that because it adds a little richer characteristic to the whiskey, and that blend gets our corn mash, a little bit higher. And it's something that's good for introductory whiskey, it adds nice little subtle sweet notes to it. So you don't have to add a ton of additives or anything like that which we avoid. And it compliments that ginger heat on the backend. Once you try it, the ginger has a little bit of a delayed effect and people really love that because it sits in the back of their pallets and it's lingered with them a little bit in a nice way.
Tiff: I've got to say, actually when I read American whiskey, I had assumed it was an American single malt but it's actually a bourbon varietal, is it?
Chris: Yes, basically. It's a bourbon versatile. Yeah.
JD: It's just not new American Oak. We aged on used in used American Oak is really the main difference because it certainly meets the corn mash bill requirements for it.
Tiff: So once you had the mesh bill and the blend sorted out. Why was it so important to take those further steps to add the flavour to the mix?
JD: When we were discovering what our mash bill is, we were looking for something that was overall going to be a little bit lighter on the palate.
And although we were very happy with our whiskey, the whole goal was not just to launch another American whiskey or another bourbon. Our goal was to create something truly different. That was going to be a ton of fun for folks. And again, really hone in on that finished component. And as you were talking about earlier, also the aroma, the nodes, and the ginger completely adds that it is just something that was actually going to add to our whiskey rather than subtract or mask it.
And, I think the thing with the ginger was after we were able to figure out our blend which was a years ordeal. Once we were able to get that a bottle and get it out to people it, to see people's reactions just as the general consumer as just something unique and different.
It was something fun and just something different. That's what we're all about is just pushing the boundaries and just having a ton of fun. But behind the bar was amazing because we didn't come from the industry. We weren't bartenders, but once bartenders got a hold of this, it was a roller coaster ride.
It was just amazing. Like we worked so hard to create something with a unique finish to mellow out the whiskey naturally and all these fun things, but then when you get it into the hands of some of these creatives behind the bar and you have this ginger component to it, oh my gosh. They had a field day and they still do, as we expand across the US. It's just been really great. And that ginger component certainly makes misunderstood unique, for sure.
Tiff: Now, speaking of bartenders, I'm assuming that they've made a ton of drinks with the whiskey that you really didn't expect.
JD: Oh my goodness. We could probably have a whole conversation just on the cocktail piece. Yeah, absolutely.
I always say a Misunderstood margarita or a Misunderstood Mojito is one of our favourite cocktails, because usually if you're using tequila in those, but you try it and sub it with misunderstood, it's like a whole other ball game. It completely adds to the cocktail in a great way. And it's super versatile. So when we were creating, this versatility was also super key. We want people to not only just drink it on the rocks, or neat. We wanted people to just have fun and experiment with it and make it accessible to people.
So yes. To answer your question, there's over. Oh gosh, what did you say, Chris? I'd say there's at least we have a cocktail book actually that we hand out for folks just so they can see all the things you could do with it. But we have well over 100 recipes, probably 200 by now, of just all the fun things that people have made. And it's just really great because people keep creating and they keep coming and we keep getting surprised, so it's been awesome.
Tiff: Have most of those been riffs on classics or are some of them completely original drinks?
JD: Oh, I think it's a mix of both. I think a lot of originality comes, especially for the mixologist side of things and the kind of the higher-end bars.
But I'll tell you, we just got back from Nashville and some of the shots these guys were coming up with were amazing. There's like a Pina Colada shot with Misunderstood. It's just it's amazing to see that you can go to. Some of the nicest rooftop bars in any city and they would appreciate Misunderstood. You could also go to your local Irish pub or your local pub, and they're also enjoying Misunderstood. It's truly a whiskey for everyone. But to answer your question we've seen a lot of both, to be honest with you, the originality though, like the Tiki cocktails, have been mind-blowing, it's been really cool to see what people are doing.
Yeah, for sure. Like the ginger just adds this amazing component to it. That it just goes really well in the typical Tiki ingredients. Summer's our favourite, one of our favourite seasons, because it literally pushes the boundaries of whiskey. You wouldn't think of necessarily like crushing whiskey during summer, but we think you should. Our strawberry ginger smashes, we call it summer crushes, are amazing. The Ginger Pina Coladas, the Misunderstood Coladas are also really good. It's just been a really fun thing to see people work with the product, for sure.
Usually in Q4 dark spirits do really well around the holidays and around, the colder months, September, October, November, December, even early spring, people really usually gravitate to that. And, I'm sure Chris would agree. We do really well in Q4 as well. People automatically gravitate towards our ginger hot toddies, which, I would say we make the best dang, hot toddy on the market with our ginger whiskey. But again, we launched in spring 2017, officially, right before summer, so we were forced to like, not only come up with light and bright cocktails, but it was amazing to see what these other bartenders are doing. They were making ginger John Daly's, they were doing mojitos, cucumbers with ginger smashes. I mean, there is a floral component to our whiskey and it's so refreshing in the summertime. And so we just have a lot of fun. If you can't tell already, I'm already getting excited. I'm about to make a Strawberry Ginger Smash after this. We love it.
Chris: That one cocktail, Jay is talking about The Cucumber Ginger Smash, which we call, we call it The Garden State because that's our home state, so we like to tribute New Jersey, but it is a cucumber cooler that you typically do with gin, but with Misunderstood. When we landed that cocktail, that was to me the eye-opening experience, it was like, oh wow. We want to be known as the most versatile whiskey on the market. And the fact that you can do a cucumber typical gin cooler, with the whiskey, I hadn't seen that before. So that was new to me and that was eye-opening for sure. And luckily that was early on and then we started running with that in terms of the summer.
Tiff: Now, obviously ginger is the dominant flavour, but what other flavours can people expect to taste or aromas from Misunderstood?
JD: Surprisingly enough, Chris pointed this out and a couple of people also noticed on the nose, you're definitely getting vanilla up front for sure. Especially with our mash bill and with our toasted Oak staves and things like that. You're going to get a little honey, but Mandarin orange was one that was wild to us, but when we smelled orange and then we smelled the whiskey went back oh my gosh yeah, it's crazy to get this orange nose. But on the palette, on the taste, definitely I would say, you're getting a little bit of gingerbread during a little like baking spice there. Maybe some more vanilla, but in the end you're going to get this like amazing baby ginger, like refreshing heat. It's pretty complex, but it's not like a super long finish.
And then you're going to get little sweet notes at the end there too. So it's just, it's a lot of fun. It's not overwhelming with the ginger. I think the one thing that people sometimes associate is oh, am I going to, it's going to taste like ginger ale or ginger beer? The answer is definitely not. That's just almost like gingerbread but light like tropical floral notes to it. It's a wild ride and like Chris said, I think he used the term roller coaster. Yeah. Like we're totally, it takes you on for a roller coaster. It's a lot of fun.
Chris: So the one thing when JD was talking about that is we spend a lot of time sampling people, half of our lives are sampling people on this, but the one thing is you'll encounter whiskey phobia people, but you also will find people who have ginger phobia too. Most people love ginger, but there's, some people are like, I hate ginger, and they'll come back and you wrangle them into trying it.
And they'll actually really enjoy it too. As JD was talking about, it's not an overwhelming flavour. It's infused with purpose. And the purpose is to lighten the finish. It's almost like you get a little nice heat rather than an overwhelming Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer flavour.
There's a lot of people who do not like ginger, who actually like Misunderstood as well. So there's a couple of people where we know we're targeting in the liquor store and those are definitely a subgroup as well.
Tiff: How difficult has it been to get your message across?
JD: Oh, man. I think in today's world, digital is a big deal. So I think, we're definitely a liquid to lips brand, so once people try it, we usually hook them. And we're very grateful and thankful for that. We have a lot of loyal customers starting around the nation. And we did just recently expand our distribution from three states to. ... are we in 17 states now, Chris?
Chris: Yeah 17.
JD: 17 this year. It's getting the message across has become, I guess more challenging, but certainly more fun because you're getting all these people kinda their ears perking up when they hear, oh, ginger whiskey, that's unique. And it's been a lot of fun.
Like we said, we've been on the road, so we'd been preaching the Misunderstood gospel for the past few months here. And it's been great meeting all these new people who've never heard of us or were intrigued, and then them trying it and just really enjoying it. But I think in this digital world, I mean, we're a pretty small company, we don't at the moment have any, like celebrities or anything like that, which seems to be a trend right now.
These different social avenues that we take, I don't know if you've seen our social media, but we certainly take a different approach. I would say from a typical whiskey brand. We have a lot of fun, maybe too much fun. It's just getting that gingerly love, quote-unquote, out there.
And so we've certainly dove in into the content piece. Some partnerships, things like that, but it's all been grassroots. It's been a lot of guerrilla marketing and we're growing the brand the right way at our pace that we can, of course, continue to make the whiskey and not be out of stock and get the people what they want.
So,there have been challenges for sure, but we're embracing it and it's been positive overall.
Chris: And the branding piece, as JD said, is I think you watch a couple of videos on our social media and you'll get what the brand is about. And it's the most unpretentious whiskey in the world. We like to have a lot of fun. And I've noticed since we've been doing this expansion this year, as you sample more and more people, we're a sponge every single day. Like we're sounding boards, we like to listen to what the customers like. And as we grow our consumer base, I think simplification for any brand is key.
And that's what we're really honing in on like we have a hundred recipes with the whiskey. What are the ones that the overall market is like, this is what I want to drink with Misunderstood and simplifying that message. So we're really trying to hone in on those simple applications with the whisky and go a hundred miles an hour with that.
That's another thing too, with the messaging and simplifying it and listen to the customers every single day, because one market might be very different than another market. That's been key.
Tiff: Now the U S distribution system is complex, even for the most seasoned of players, how difficult have you found navigating these next steps?
Chris: Yes. You're definitely not wrong about that. Every state's different. And, we're very active with our sales programs and different things. And we like to provide like some tools to bars if we can do that. And we create these really cool sales programs, half of them, they're not permitted in certain states or they're permitted in this state but you have to change something. So every state is very different. It is probably the most antiquated and difficult part of any liquor brand starting. And this is certainly, we could preach to the choir here with other liquor brands that you will talk to, but it's difficult because it's state-by-state and there are different rules by each state. And then some states are controlled by the government, the state authority. So you have to pitch once a year to get your product in. And then once you're in, you really have to focus on that state to make sure that you're hitting the distribution requirements and the pull-through requirements to keep listed with that state.
Some states are much easier than others to navigate. It just depends. And I would say it's complicated. It's very complicated. So you have to do bit by bit. And you almost have to form different strategies for different states because some states are very heavy in the chain market, like big retail chains. And some states are just very independent. So you might want to focus more on the bars and restaurants in those states, but you might want to focus on the big chain retail business in other states. You have to take it bit by bit.
JD: Changing the pitch has been like Chris said has been also a learning experience for us because there are some states that all they want to do is just shots of Misunderstood. And we're totally okay with that. That's great. And there are other states that would never, ever think of doing shots and it needs to go into a five-ingredient stirred cocktail with, all these other things. And that's totally cool too. It's just a matter of getting to know the state, getting, to the consumers in that state and diving in and learning and again, giving the people what they want and because it's so versatile, that's been a plus for us because we've been able to really listen and learn from each market.
Tiff: I imagine not knowing anything about the industry when you started this must have all been quite an intense learning curve.
Chris: Yes.
JD: Yeah, it certainly was. But I have to tell you and I'm sure Chris would agree, we were only able to afford our first 300 cases for batch one when we started. And after the production and it's in a bottle ready to go to market. And so we started literally selling on our bicycles, like running around our three target markets.
Yeah. That's how we got it, got to going on. And we started in New Jersey, Montclair, Jersey City and Hoboken. And that's Northern New Jersey, we're from Montclair, New Jersey. And so Hoboken Jersey they're right across the river from Manhattan right across the Hudson.
So that's where we started. And I got to tell you, the people that we've met and continue to meet, especially the bartenders even the liquor stores, they were just so nice and so willing and so excited to work with the brand and to work with our whiskey. Again, once they tried it they got it right away and there were just all these ideas.
And sometimes, a problem for us is there are too many ideas. They don't know what direction to go. As you were saying before a classic cocktail, or should I go totally off the whim and do you know something crazy? And so we've really embraced that, but the nicest people in the world, they really guided us. They helped us with our pitching and what bars we should go to next. And before we knew it in two months, we sold out of our first batch and called the good boys in Kentucky and said, Hey, we need to do it again. And it just started, started going. But we have to attribute a lot of our learnings, and some of our success to the guys behind the bar, just coming up with some recipes and showing different ideas and training us on how this industry works. So it's been a blessing for sure.
Tiff: When you started, was this what you expected?
JD: I don't think Chris and I would have, and Chris feel free to jump in here, but we knew we had something really special, I just don't know, we would have said we're going to be nationwide and in all these states. We had something really good, but we were just so head down, focused on our target market markets to expand. And we slowly did over the past few years into three markets, but to be almost nationwide in 17, I don't know if we thought we were going to be here, at that point in time. When we started, again, we were delivering bottle by bottle on our bicycles.
So for us to be at this point, doing thousands of cases, I don't know for me I wasn't expecting it, I don't know, Chris, did you know, we were going to be like this?
Chris: I think as any entrepreneur, you have to believe in what you're doing. I guess we didn't know how truly special Misunderstood was, as JD was saying and how people really gravitate towards it. And it was shocking to see, and it comes straight from the consumer, right? Like people, either giving us good reviews or really falling in love with the whiskey.
I'll tell you something quickly and this is not to boast at all, but this was like, it was almost so gratifying to hear. When we launched, we drove overnight from Kentucky. Our first run to an event called Jersey City Whiskey Fest, and there were 1500 people supposed to be there.
No one's ever heard of Misunderstood. It was our debut to the market. And we had all of our friends there and it was a big deal because it was so anticipated. With this industry, it takes so long to launch a product because you don't realise all the regulations you have to jump through to get it in a bottle.
So we dropped off some cases to an online retailer. We didn't have any distribution yet. And we sold out in 45 minutes online. It was like 40 bottles of whiskey. It wasn't like a huge one. Yeah, we had little iPads and people ordered on their phones, at the Whiskey Fest. And that was like wild. Then we had everybody come up to us like, Hey man, how long have you guys been around? I'm like, this is our first day in business. I don't believe you. This is the best whiskey in here. I love this stuff. My wife loves this stuff.
And that was like eye-opening to us because we hadn't had a sample size that big. We did some focus groups. We had friends and family try it. And that was like, I guess what lit the fire and really believing in what we're doing and just really hustling from there, not sleeping much and just getting out there and getting it out to as many people as possible.
And now we're doing that on a much bigger scale. But I guess that was day one on the business. I guess it didn't really settle in because as JD said, so just taking it day by day and just, try to do our job the best we can every single day.
Tiff: What do you want people to take away from their experience with misunderstood?
JD: I think we want them to be like, Wow, that was super interesting and absolutely delicious. I can't wait to go back for more or I can't wait to share this with a friend or I can't wait to play with this whiskey.
I think that's a big deal for us is changing people's perceptions about the category and not in a negative way, because Chris and I love all the bourbons, and American whiskeys and things. We started off as whiskey geeks. So we love it. I just think there's a consumer out there that really wants to try different things or may want to get into whiskey.
And that's what we're here for. I think people come in like a whiskey connoisseur will come and be like, oh, I can't believe you're adding things to our whiskey. And then they try it. And they fall in love. And it changed their perceptions about quote-unquote flavoured whiskey.
Whereas on the opposite end of the spectrum, you have someone coming in, doesn't matter how long it's been in a barrel, it still tastes like gasoline to them, but they try Misunderstood, which is still whiskey forward, but you have a different finish at the end and now they're locked in.
We want to leave people feeling just really good, A, and B that they tried something new and they experimented with something. And that maybe they'll take that great feeling and continue with some new cocktails or sharing it with their friends and just, having a lot of fun with it.
I think we really want people to have that feeling when they're trying Misunderstood and hopefully it becomes fans.
Tiff: Could you say that Misunderstood is almost a gateway whiskey?
JD: Yeah, I think that's a great way to describe it for sure. I think we're definitely welcoming everyone into this realm of whiskey and it's we wanted to make it accessible and versatile.
I think those are the two key goals for Misunderstood. It was the versatility that you can do a lot of things with this and then accessibility. There's a ton of amazing products out there, but you either can't find them or they're very expensive. And that's okay for some folks.
But there's a lot of people out there that want to find a really reliable, great product and something that they can do a ton of things with. Whether it be on the rocks and you're just hanging out. You're at a party and you need a ginger apple cider for a fall party, we want both of those consumers to feel really good about using Misunderstood. And I think it is definitely a gateway into this vast world of whiskey. So it's a perfect stepping stone for sure.
Tiff: Now you said that you've gotten into 17 markets across the U S. What's next for Misunderstood?
JD: What's next is certainly growing those 17 markets. We'll be expanding our distribution again next year. But I think growing those markets is a big deal. Again, we started off with three markets and we really grew those and we really wanted to make sure that the market was supported and just growing the brand the right way.
Again we're not a big company. We're very careful with how we spend our money and how we spend our time and things. So we wanted to really get this right and make sure we launched. But for next, I think different sizes could be on the horizon. In fact, they are.
There's just so many people out there that haven't had misunderstood yet. And our job as brand owners is to make sure that they try it and make sure that they follow and have a personal connection with it. And so that's, what's next?
A lot of people always ask, what else have you got? We love this so much. And the answer is, this is our one and only. We as entrepreneurs always get so excited with all these new ideas, but, we want to really focus on this product and make sure we gave it our all and make sure. We really get the market saturated with Misunderstood and our ginger whiskey and people have responded positively to that.
But we do have some ideas. On the front of our bottle, you'll see legend one. That's how we signify each release. So we did set this company up to have future releases, however, we've just put a pause and just focused on this, but we have a couple of ideas, but we always want to be experimental, push the limits, have a lot of fun with the whiskey. And so anything we come out with, hopefully, speaks to that versatility accessibility, those goals that we have for misunderstood and just have a lot of fun. At the end of the day, if we're not having fun, why are we doing this? Hopefully, a lot of people are having fun with this product and yeah that's how we define success.
Tiff: If people want more information, they can, of course, go to your website, which is or connect with the brands via your socials.
JD: That's right. And our social is just @misunderstoodwhiskey. So we're growing our Tik Tok, Instagram, follow us, lot of fun. Join the journey.
Tiff: Excellent. All right. JD and Chris, thank you so much for joining us.
JD: Thank you. Thank you so much for having us appreciate it.
Chris: This was fun.
JD: This was great.
Chris: Thank you.

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