Chivas Teams Up With Legendary Fashion House Balmain

Chivas Brothers has teamed up with luxury fashion house Balmain to launch a limited-edition Balmain x Chivas XV collection.

By: Tiff Christie|October 12,2021

Scottish Whiskey distillery Chivas has teamed up with legendary fashion house Balmain for a limited-edition Chivas XV collection. The collaborative bottles boast both house’s shared ethos of heritage, innovation and boldness.

“Just like Balmain, Chivas has always adhered to the highest standards with neither house being afraid to push boundaries and break with outdated conventions,”said Balmain creative director, Olivier Rousteing.

The collaboration comes in the form of two bottle designs which bring Balmain’s Parisian style to Chivas Regal’s 15-year-old blended scotch. Both bottles feature designs that reflect the iconic codes and success of the two houses, with the first drop being an individually numbered gold bottle decorated in metallic armour and chains as a nod to Balmain’s runway pieces.

Like the first drop, the second bottle is also inspired by Balmain’s pieces – specifically its recent collections – and brings to life the fashion house’s recognisable silhouette using asymmetrical design of chains and belts.

We’ve incorporated so may signature Balmain and our easily recognised runway codes into the packaging and unique bottle design. We really want the connection to be clear from the beginning.

Translating the two houses’ boundary-pushing heritage, the latest collection embodies their successes. Each bringing their signature design cues, the range unifies the worlds of Parisian couture and Chivas’ opulence for a modern reinterpretation of traditional Scotch.

For Chivas, the boundaries were found in the blend. Having experimented since the mid-1800s, brothers James and John Chivas pioneered the art of whisky blending in Scotland with the aim to deliver a smoother, richer whisky experience. In 1909, the Chivas’ made distilling history when launching the original luxury blended Scotch whisky – a 25-year-old blend titled Chivas Regal.

For Balmain, a history rooted in ushering in new aesthetics to the runway saw founder Pierre Balmain first introduced his “New French Style” over 75 years ago — breaking away from conventional couture and helping to reinstate Paris as the fashion capital of the world.

“Those already familiar with the Balmain universe will note that this unique collaboration includes a signature motif of the house—the oversized golden chain,” continued Rousteing. “Whenever I’ve included that eye-catching adornment in my collections, it has served as a bold symbol of the defiant spirit of our rebellious and inclusive Balmain Army – a bold and audacious attitude that both Chivas and Balmain celebrate.”

To celebrate the launch, Chivas and Balmain will also unveil co-branded billboards in numerous cities alongside a fashion film featuring the Balmain Army as they make their way through a night of celebration.

Balmain x Chivas XV billboards will be unveiled in numerous cities, and a series of Balmain x Chivas XV pop-up bars serving a range of exclusive cocktails will also be appearing worldwide and at select Fashion Weeks.

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Chivas Teams Up With Legendary Fashion House Balmain

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