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7 Aperitif Cocktails

Sure, aperitif cocktails are about ease, flavour and a low ABV, but more than anything else they are about the company and friends with whom you spend the time.

By: Tiff Christie|September 5,2021

There is truly nothing better than that specific time of day when the shadows are getting longer and the sun begins to set. If at that time, you can close your laptop, gather your friends and make a simple, yet complex flavoured drink, then there is no better way to define happiness.


La Perla



Psychopathia Sexualis

Lunes Aperitivo

Fumata Bianca

The Dandy (by Iain Meldrum)

Representing a time to relax, catch up, laugh and generally enjoy the company of those around you, all before enjoying a meal together, those apéritif moments are the snapshots that you remember in life.

An Apéritif is traditionally a before-dinner drink that stimulates the appetite. It originates from the Latin aperire ‘to open’. But it doesn’t just refer to the opening of the stomach as such but it is a cultural concept that embraces the opening of the night.

And this is where an Apéritif differs from just a ‘happy hour’. With an Apéritif you don’t just celebrate the end of the workday with drinks and then go home. It is a time to celebrate your friends, their lives and the company of others that so many of us have missed over the last 18 months.

In Apéritif culture it is a civilised way to wind down the days activities and prepare yourself and your digestion, for a night of relaxation, dining and civilized living. It doesn’t matter what drinks you choose but normally, they are cocktails that are light, both in terms of alcohol content and their refreshing nature.

While food and drink are the visual elements for an aperitif moment, the core is about family and friends and sharing precious time. But if cocktails are important to you (and let’s face it, they always are), we have a few suggestions above.

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7 Aperitif Cocktails

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