5 Cocktails Apps No Home Mixologist Can Live Without

You never know when you might need that perfect cocktail recipe on the go, so here is 5 cocktail apps that you should have on your phone

By: Tiff Christie|August 26,2021

It’s easier than ever to set up an amazing cocktail bar at home but remembering recipes … not always so straightforward. Thankfully, this is one area where technology is our friend, with a variety of apps available to remind you of the ingredients, give you a little history and allow you to show off your new creations to your friends.

These are, to our mind, five of the best Cocktail apps for iPhone out there – download, drink up and enjoy.

Bartender’s Choice

Who could say no to a very cool library of cocktails presented by the master bartenders behind New York City’s Attaboy, Diamond Reef and Milk & Honey. This neat app offers a variety of options – you can either look recipes up by name in the A-Z list or sort them by base spirit, style, extras (which includes Egg White, Cucumber, Ginger etc) or the category we love most, the ever tantalising ‘sensation’. There is nothing is app can’t teach you, with a glossary and instructions for basic bar skills, such as how to muddle and the age-old question – shaking vs stirring.



There’s nothing better than coming up with your own cocktails but once you’ve honed the recipe, you really want to share it. This is where Highball comes in. Rather than just posting it on social media, you can write up a recipe card on Highball with ingredients, measurements, instructions and even some simple illustrations. The cards on this app are easily shareable and modifiable by other users, so your recipe can grow and evolve even after it leaves your shaker. There is also a great library of established cocktails if you’re looking for inspiration.


The Liquor Cabinet 

If you are after some really beautiful cocktail photos, to go with the recipes, then you can’t go past The Liquor Cabinet app. Developed by Maxwell Britten, former bar director of the ultra-elegant Maison Premiere in Brooklyn and Instagram legend Patrick Janelle this truly stunning bar app, is designed around its stunning images. Giving something for beginning bartenders to aspire to, this app provides smart tips and a bit of background behind the most commonly used spirits.


Total Tiki

Break out the tiki mugs and don that loud Hawaiian shirt because it’s time to bring the tropics to your home with some amazing tiki drinks. Jeff “Beachbum” Berry of Latitude 29 in New Orleans and international tiki renown has brought his vast tiki expertise straight to your fingertips. With over 230 curated recipes, you’ll find mid-century favourites like the Zombie, Painkiller and Scorpion Bowl, as well as more modern but sadly lesser-known tropical libations like the Bandicoot and the Punky Monkey.


PDT Cocktails

You got the book, so why should you bother getting the app? Well, because unlike the book, the app is constantly being updated, as old recipes are perfected, and more importantly, new ones are added. And they have added quite a few, with over 400 cocktail recipes here (including 69 recipes for PDT’s house-made ingredients). Recipes can be sourced by type, characteristics, base and the intriguing “preparations”. So if you have always wanted to explore a little New York PDT speakeasy magic, then this is definitely the app for you.


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5 Cocktails Apps No Home Mixologist Can Live Without

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