The Flavours of Patrón's Perfectionists Top 30

Can’t taste the Top 30 Australian Patrón Perfectionists cocktails due to lockdown but you still want to vote?
We can help you with that …

By: Tiff Christie|July 5,2021

To celebrate the world opening up, Patrón came up with a cracker of an idea to add to the Australian leg of its Perfectionists Cocktail Competition. Once the top 30 had been decided, that number would be whittled down to ten through the votes of the general public.

And really, it was a brilliant idea, the cocktails would be available in a variety of bars, the bars would sell more Patrón as people would be easily able to taste the drinks and then voting would begin.

But then the Australian government threw a spanner in the works, by put the majority of the country back into lockdown and the bars were closed.

So what’s a global tequila company to do? And more to the point, what about those members of the public that really wanted to feel a part of the action with their vote?

Now, if you were one of the many who was champing at the bit to have your say, but are finding the idea of making thirty tequila cocktails in your own home a little overwhelming, we’ve come up with a solution.

No, we’re not going to come over to your place and make them for you, but instead, we’ve made the next best thing – a Patrón Top 30 Cocktail Flavour Flow Chart (patent pending …).


Sure, you might not be able to taste every single one but by concentrating on the flavours in each, you might be able to choose your own Patrón cocktail adventure and work it out from there.

Like a bit of Kiwi fruit in your drink? Then either the Teal (which also has a bit of Fino Sherry) or Old Friends (which also has a bit of Green Chartreuse), would be perfect.

Think the sweet floral of a Jasmine Tea isn’t used often enough? Well have a look at the recipe for the Silver Daisy (which adds Yellow Chartreuse) or maybe the Papa Padre (which also incorporates Honey & Chardonnay)

Itching for the bittersweet flavour of Cynar? Then El Muerto (which adds the smokey pine flavour of Lapsang Souchong Tea) or Del Hogar (which throws in some Manzanilla Sherry) could just be your perfect choice.

So how does it work? Well, you look at the major flavour categories (in green), flick your eyes down to the subcategories (in orange) and from there be lead to your ‘perfectionists’ cocktail (in red). Note – this is a flavour chart, so things like fruit may not be fresh fruit (they could be syrups, liqueurs, juices etc) but no matter in which form they are presented, they would theoretically relay the flavour of that fruit.

Once you have your favourite(s), simply nip across to the voting which is being hosted on and have your say as to who should get a guernsey in the top 10.

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The Flavours of Patrón's Perfectionists Top 30

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