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7 Grapefruit Vodka Cocktails

The time has come to let a flavoured vodka, like Grapefruit Vodka, shine yet again on your bar and in your drinks.

By: Tiff Christie|June 13,2021

Let’s face it, being a flavoured vodka in the modern world is hard and frankly confusing.

Secretly, people love the way that you dress up a plain vodka and add that special zing of flavour to their drinks, but in public they pretend not to know you. Worried that they might be caught enjoying your aromatic goodness, their joy quickly turns to shame.


Grapefruit Drop

Grapefruit Cresta

Grapefruit Mule

Swedish Paloma

Platinum Blond

Coffee With Gianni

Honey Cosmopolitan

Over the last few decades, you have been so maligned that people feel they can only drink you behind closed doors, but as soon as company arrives you are hidden away.

They appreciate the ease of use you represent as they slowly pour you into a highball glass with ice, then top you with soda water. They reach for you more than any other spirit but unlike their other spirits, you are used in a sub rosa fashion.

All you’ve ever dreamed of is to be put out on the bar cart when company comes around but like a dirty mistress you are kept in the cupboard, never spoken of and never to be seen.

Sure, they might have had a moment in the sun in the 1990s, when you were the coolest kid in town – drunk on New York rooftops and beside LA pools. But as soon as Marshmallow, Cupcake and Bubble Gum Vodka appeared on the scene, you knew those days were done.

Hiding in the shadows like a criminal, not allowed to show your face on back-bars, your life is one of giving so much pleasure but knowing so much pain. You walk that tightrope between desire and infamy, your reputation so smeared that not even organic can save you.

The time has come for flavoured vodka for you to throw off the mantle of disrespect and know that you are as expertly crafted as any spirit out there. You have character, you have flavour, often you are artisanal and it’s time your bottles shined on the bar once more.

To demonstrate this, we have put together a few Grapefruit Vodka cocktails to show the world that you can be complex and flavoursome. The time has passed when you should be ashamed of what you have to offer.

So we say loud and proud, ‘Shine on, Grapefruit Vodka, shine on.’

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7 Grapefruit Vodka Cocktails

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