Pairing Your Cocktails With Vietnamese Food

We spoke with Kanharith “Kandi” Kim, the head chef at Cash Only Diner & Burrow Bar about food pairings with cocktails.

By: Tiff Christie|May 27,2021

It might be a little unusual for bar owners to suddenly become restauranteurs but that is what has happened to Burrow Bar’s Chau Tran & Bryce McDonough.

After searching for months, the business partners found the perfect space to relocated their iconic Sydney bar Burrow, and it just happened to come with a restaurant.

A reflection of Tran’s Vietnamese heritage, the restaurant, which they are calling Cash Only Diner is set to change the Asian cuisine landscape as it combines authentic flavours with a modern twist.

We spoke with their head chef, Kanharith “Kandi” Kim, about the difference in food pairings with cocktails for a restaurant and a bar.

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Pairing Your Cocktails With Vietnamese Food

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