A Fashion Romance With Disaronno

We’ve got the recipe for the signature cocktail that will be served during the Romance Was Born show at Australian Fashion Week.

By: Tiff Christie|May 26,2021

There’s nothing the fashion loves more than a party and, as Danilo Migliorini, Brand Ambassador for Disaronno, would point out, there’s nothing a party loves more than the sophisticated taste of Italy’s favourite amaretto.


With a lineage that dates back to one of the most romantic and creative periods in Italian history – the Renaissance, it’s not surprising that Disaronno has had a long association with some of the world’s most creative fashion brands.

It is also the official liquor partner of Afterpay Australian Fashion Week. This year though, the brand is taken their association a step further as they collaborate with internationally renowned Australian designers, Romance Was Born (RWB) as a sponsor of the headline show.

To celebrate the event, Migliorini has created a cocktail that not only embraces the latest trends in the cocktail world but also everything that the designers behind RWB love about Italy. As Migliorini points out, “A Romance Was Born in Saronno” was a true partnership in flavour and taste.

“When I first met Luke and Anna, we imagined ourselves travelling throughout Italy and thought about eating the things that we liked there the most. When you think of Italy of course, it’s all about the flavours of coffee, citrus and chocolate, so I created a cocktail that embraces them all.

“It was quite challenging actually because some of the ingredients are not ones that you naturally think would go together, like lemon and coffee. It took a little bit of experimentation to get the balance right but now that is done, I am particularly proud of what we were able to create.”

As Migliorini points out, “A Romance Was Born in Saronno” was a true partnership in flavour and taste.

As Migliorini points out this milk punch style can be a little complex to make but the result is well worth the effort and patience required. He describes drinks as having almost cascading flavours.

“It starts with the coffee followed by citrus notes, then nuts and chocolate all at different times,” he explains. “That is the amazing thing about this drink, all the flavours have this silky texture and follow each other onto the palate, like a rollercoaster of flavours. It really is amazing.”

Milk Punch has been around for centuries but it has only recently been rediscovered by bartenders across the globe. It is created by combining a boozy spirit with fresh citrus juice, and milk, with the resultant curdled mess, carefully strained to produce a drink that heightens the sum of its parts.

“If people are familiar with Milk Punch techniques, the cocktail itself can be easy to make,” Migliorini, continued. “But if you’ve never done it before it can take a bit of experimentation to ensure everything it’s properly balanced, but even at home this technique can certainly be done.”


(Photo by James Gourley/Getty Images)

Migliorini points out that it isn’t just the flavours of the drink that will have that Italian edge. The team from Romance Was Born wanted to ensure that when people went to the bar, they really did feel as if you have been transported to Saronno.

They, therefore, put in a request for all the bartenders to be exclusively Italian. “Probably they fell in love with my accent,” Migliorini explained.

To keep with the theme of Romance Was Born’s parade, Migliorini has chosen to use up-cycled glassware. For the last few weeks, he has been travelling all over Sydney to all of the charity shops to find as many vintage glasses as he can.

“I’ve found some real gems,” Migliorini points out.“I really wasn’t expecting it but in some shops, I managed to find some very old, very cool glasses that we will be using. I’ve got nearly 500 glasses but I think I’m going to need some more just to be covered for the week.”

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“A Romance Was Born in Saronno”


Ingredients (makes 4 cocktails)

  • 120ml Disaronno
  • 120ml Cold brewed coffee
  • 80ml Tia maria
  • 40ml Vodka
  • 240ml Milk
  • 25ml Lemon Juice
  • 20ml Sugar Syrup (1:1 *equal parts of water and sugar)

(Tools – 1 conical filter, 1 coffee filter, 1 spoon, 2x 1lt measuring cup, 1 empty 1lt bottle)


Get the two-measuring cup, in the first cup pour the milk (better if room temperature) and in the other one combine all the other ingredients. Once done pour the mixture onto the milk. (The mixture will start to curdle, this is perfectly normal!)
Let the mixture rest for about 30 minutes
On top of the measuring cup place the conical filter and on top of the conical filter place the coffee filter
Slowly start pouring the ingredients onto the filter and wait (YOU WILL NEED A LOT OF PATIENCE)
Pour the remaining mixture as you’ll have enough room to fit it.
Once the milk punch is filtered re filter it just to ensure that all the milk residues are gone
Bottle it and keep it in the fridge up to three months
When needed pour 80ml of batch over ice and give a quick stir

FWY: dairy free options work well too excepted for Oat milk which is fat free

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A Fashion Romance With Disaronno

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