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7 Fig Liqueur Cocktails

Esprit de Figues is the world’s first true fig liqueur and it’s perfect for a range of cocktails that capture the true essence of fresh fig.

By: Tiff Christie|May 23,2021

Figs are said to have a seductive, sensual nature. An ancient fruit enjoyed by the likes of Cleopatra and Ulysses, it is their shape, their delicate plump pink flesh and their sweetness that have ignited the imagination to flights of passion.




In Full Fig

Mr Fig Stuff

Give A Fig

Fig Sidecar

Fig Sour

But what if you could take the sensuality and capture in a bottle? Well, that is what Esprit de Figues have achieved with their Fig liqueur. Crafted from age-old French techniques, Esprit de Figues has been created by artisan distillers to embody the earthly delights of rich, fresh figs.

Although the liquid is bottled at a 150-year-old distillery located in Burgundy in France, it’s actually an Australian, Patrick Borg, who took the concept from the fruit to a liqueur.

Borg can thank his Mediterranean heritage and his mother for the true inspiration behind the brand. When his mother migrated from Malta in the 1960s, she Brough with her a clipping of her favourite fruit, the fig.

For two precious months every year during his childhood, Borg had access to the seductive sweetness of figs, grown from the tree his mother planted. That sweetness sparked a desire to be able to capture that taste all year round.

So with the aid of handpicked Violette de Bordeaux Figs that are infused for three months to release their delicate flavour, which is naturally derived from the skin of the figs, Esprit de Figues was born.

To accompany the liquid, the brand has designed a bottle that embraces the richness of the flavours it contains. The Art Nouveau-inspired bottle features a luxurious-looking embossed gold label with dark purple highlights that complement the soft mauve of the liquid itself.

As the website points out, this might be a liqueur that is created in France but its soft, provocative nature has meant that it is very much desired everywhere else.

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7 Fig Liqueur Cocktails

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