Joe Jonas Predicts 'Sunnier Times Ahead' With Tanqueray

Tanqueray teams up with Joe Jonas for a stylish & vibrant campaign to shine a light on its Sevilla Orange Gin for the perfect summer drinking occasions

By: Tiff Christie|May 15,2021

As UK gin brand Tanqueray introduce its Tanqueray Sevilla Orange into the US market for summer, they are boosted by predictions from pop superstar Joe Jonas who believes that refreshing vibes are coming in from the west, which will mean that “delicious flavours will be picking up well into the afternoon and evening.”

The new campaign, which the brand describes as having a “zesty orange taste and warm hints of spice” inspired by Seville oranges, features a 60-second video, dubbed “Today’s Forecast: Sunshine in a Glass.” Jonas, one-third of the Grammy-winning Jonas Brothers—moonlights as a cheesy TV weatherman, rocking a 1970s-style outfit and oversized sunglasses, in a routine that could be straight out of Anchorman.


Designed to mark the nation-wide release of the gin (been available in select U.S. markets since mid-2019), the campaign has been designed to show that Tanqueray Sevilla Orange is the perfect drink to enjoy on those ideal days of summer – by the pool, at a picnic in the park, or an intimate garden party at home with friends.

From an outdoor drinking occasion showcasing friends by the pool to a summer’s eve dance party, the pours of Tanqueray Sevilla Orange underscore these moments and bring to life the upcoming summer of gin. Donning chic yet classic weatherman threads, Joe lets viewers know that each summer entertaining moment is made brighter with “scattered Tanqueray Sevilla Orange in your area” and that the long-overdue refreshing vibes are on the way.


Speaking about the Tanqueray Sevilla Orange national launch and ‘Today’s Forecast: Sunshine in a Glass’ content series Joe Jonas said, “What an incredible opportunity to be working with an iconic gin brand like Tanqueray to create a unique, vibrant content series like ‘Today’s Forecast: Sunshine in a Glass’ and help launch Tanqueray Sevilla Orange across the nation. For me, enjoying a Tanqueray Sevilla Orange cocktail is truly like sipping on ‘sunshine in a glass,’ and I’m excited to show the world how they can do just that on their own and with friends this summer.”

The product is now available for purchase nationally in-stores and online through Reserve Bar, Drizly and through a Joe Jonas curated cocktail kit on  including ingredients to mix up the delicious Sevilla Sunshine Fizz. Be sure to order your kit now to create your very own take on ‘Sunshine in a Glass’ at home this summer!

“Tanqueray Sevilla Orange has quickly become a go-to for gin-adorers and traditionally non-gin drinkers alike. The accessible yet zesty orange flavor profile makes Tanqueray Sevilla Orange perfectly refreshing-tasting, ideal for a golden happy hour, a brunch at home with friends, or simply kicking back and savoring the moment,” commented Christina Choi, SVP of Rum, Tequila, Gin at Diageo.

“We’re excited to introduce this delicious orange-flavoured gin ahead of the summer for those casual drinking occasions that bring together friends and family. The refreshing simplicity of Tanqueray Sevilla Orange with a splash of soda water and a slice of orange makes for the perfect summer cocktail – it’s like sunshine in a glass.”

The ‘Today’s Forecast: Sunshine in a Glass’ content is now live across Jonas’s and Tanqueray social media channels on Instagram and YouTube with more Tanqueray Sevilla Orange news with Joe Jonas to be announced throughout the summer. To learn more about Tanqueray, please visit

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Joe Jonas Predicts 'Sunnier Times Ahead' With Tanqueray

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