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7 Mezcal Cocktails 2.0

Although Mezcal may not be the firsdt spirit you reach for on your home bar, it’s versatility and ease of use mean that maybe it should be

By: Tiff Christie|May 9,2021

This week was all about Cinco de Mayo, so of course, we decided to devote the week to make a few Mezcal cocktails. 


Mezcal Negroni

Polar Bear

The Real Deal



Cocoa Smoke

The Last Mechanical Art

And since our podcast was with the amazing Robert Simonson, it only made sense to find those recipes in his new book Tequila & Mezcal cocktails. 

In the interview, Simonson mentioned that even though Mezcal has been steadily increasing in popularity, he didn’t believe that it was yet a go-to spirit when it came to making cocktails at home. 

Considering the versatility and ease of the spirit, we thought we would use the week to showcase some really easy cocktails that demonstrate the flavour range that can be achieved. 

Whether you are after a Manhattan-style drink such as the Elegant or a Negroni-like cocktail such as The Real Deal, or even something familiar to a Stringer like Cocoa Smoke, Mezcal truly has something for everyone. 

So maybe it’s time to bring a bottle of Mezcal onto your home bar and see what concoctions you can create with this amazing agave spirit. 

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7 Mezcal Cocktails 2.0

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