The Bars Of Sydney's YCK Festival

With the YCK (York, Clarence and Kent Streets) festival happen in Sydney’s CBD, we did a ‘night in the life’ jourmey to explore the bars involved

By: Tiff Christie|April 30,2021

As Sydney begins to return to normal post-COVID, 10 small bar owners banded together to create a festival featuring cultural events to put their newly established precinct YCK on the map.

Spanning across York, Clarence and Kent Streets (YCK), the YCK Laneways Block Party will see a collaboration between the city’s small bars with the aim of inspiring Sydneysiders to rediscover the city and inject some much-needed life back into the once-thriving CBD.

With this in mind, we decided to visit the bars involved – this is our journey

The festival is running until May 22 – for more information about the bars involved and the cultural events, go to

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The Bars Of Sydney's YCK Festival

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