Oban Scotch Sends Postcards From The Distillery

While travel is still difficult, Oban Scotch Whiskey is sending postcards to remind you of what is waiting for when things open up again.

By: Tiff Christie|April 22,2021

Nestled on a little bay on Scotland’s Western coast, the Oban distillery has been making Single Malt Scotch Whisky in the same unhurried, traditional fashion for more than 227 years.

However, for the past year, the mountains in the distance, the birds overhead and the sparkling shores of Oban bay have missed the many visitors-turned-family who pass through the town of Oban.

So while the world can only dream of exploring new places and meeting new people today, Oban Single Malt Scotch Whisky is dispatching Postcards from Oban to remind you this warm, welcoming coastal town is eagerly awaiting your return.

During Scottish American Heritage Month – when parades traditionally march through city centres and communities worldwide gather to raise a dram to Scottish culture – Postcards from Oban will quench your wanderlust through unique and immersive experiences of the town, distillery and people you have yet to meet.

The campaign begins with a docu-series highlighting the Oban distillery, its small yet mighty team of just seven workers and the local purveyors who give Oban its unique charm.

The inaugural Postcard from Oban episode is narrated by brand adorer Jack Falahee, who takes you beyond the bottle to experience one of the smallest and oldest distilleries in Scotland like you’re part of the family (because you are!)


Founded in 1794, the Oban distillery produces incredibly smooth, hand-crafted Single Malt Scotch Whisky. Oban is made by only seven workers – meaning every drop of whisky is made by 14 hands.

Postcards from Oban introduces you to these seven distillery workers, as well as the local chocolatier, woodworker, fisherman and life-long Oban natives who are overjoyed to open their doors to you.

In the inaugural episode, the Oban distillery workers – Scott, Timothy, Patrick, Murray, Derek, Norman and Ricky – along with the rest of the distillery team introduce you to Oban in ‘Welcome to Oban,’ and future episodes will be released on the Oban Single Malt Scotch Whisky Instagram channel

Oban Distillery Manager Ronnie Whiteford, who has run the distillery for the past 10 years, said: “Everything that is done at Oban takes time. We carry a great pride and passion for the way we make Oban, and especially in our heritage.

Oban is Scotland at its best and it’s such a pure product – three ingredients, that’s all we’ve ever used. It’s a truly marvellous dram.”

Third-generation Oban Senior Site Operator Derek Maclean, said: “My father worked here for 32 years before me, and my grandfather worked here for 37 years. If I’m ever away on vacation with my family and I see a bottle of Oban on the shelf, I know either my father or my grandfather made it.


Oban has a huge history, and I tell them to take as much pride over every drop as you can because it’s really up to us. I think that makes it all a little bit sweeter.”

The campaign will culminate with the ultimate chance to fully immerse yourself in Oban and the whisky-making process through ‘The Oban Abode’ Experience.

When international travel is once again possible, two winners and their guests will receive a fully-expensed, once in a lifetime trip to Oban to stay in the exclusive ‘Oban Abode,’ a cozy apartment crafted by Derek Maclean himself with the help of the town’s local merchants.

This home-away-from-home will be adorned with furniture made from old whisky casks, including an Oban whisky cask bar, and the distillery team will personally guide winners through a VIP distillery experience.

The ‘Oban Abode’ is located just steps from the Oban distillery, where you can breathe in the whisky air on your morning stroll or sunset saunter along the bay, and the full trip itinerary will be curated by local tourism expert

To enter for a chance to win a trip to ‘The Oban Abode’ and experience life as a local, click here.

While celebrating Scottish-American Heritage Month festivities, please enjoy a glass of Oban responsibly.

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Oban Scotch Sends Postcards From The Distillery

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