Luxardo Celebrates Its 200 Years

For 200 years Luxardo has produced liqueurs, spirits and cherries that has been stirred, poured and garnished into some of the world’s best cocktails

By: Tiff Christie|April 7,2021

Over two centuries, wherever great cocktails are made, there’s been Luxardo. Since the founding in 1821 by Girolamo Luxardo, Luxardo has been a staple through the golden age of cocktails, right through to our present modern era of craft mixology.

Since it founding in 1821 by Girolamo Luxardo, the brand has been in bars and on bar carts. From the golden age of cocktails to the modern era of mixology, seven generations of the Luxardo family have been here helping perfect classics, reinvent icons, and inspire what’s coming next — and this collection is proof of that.


“I am honoured to celebrate 200 years of our family’s legacy,” said Franco Luxardo, Senior Partner at Luxardo. “The fifth, sixth and seventh generations of our family are together committed to giving due continuity of Girolamo Luxardo’s vision, thus preserving the identity of an independent family business.”

Imported by San Francisco’s Hotaling & Co., Luxardo is known most widely for its proprietary marasca cherry portfolio of products, including Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur and Luxardo Original Maraschino Cherries and is one of the oldest distilleries in the world. Since its founding in 1821, seven generations of the Luxardo family have helped reinvent classics cocktails and inspire convivial moments throughout cocktail history.

The brand’s portfolio includes a comprehensive mix of internationally renowned products, offering cocktail enthusiasts a full range of classic Italian liqueurs as well as recent innovations like Bitter Bianco for the white Negroni, and Sour Cherry Gin, which meet the needs of the modern mixologist and cocktail connoisseur.

“Luxardo is a historical leader in artisanal spirits and we are proud to be a part of the brand’s story spanning 200 years,” says Hotaling & Co. CEO and President Dan Leese.

“Luxardo brings authenticity and like-minded spirits to Hotaling & Co.’s portfolio of innovative artisanal gins, whiskeys, liqueurs and more. Today, we celebrate this milestone for the Luxardo family and we look forward to future innovations from the family that will shape the industry for generations to come.”

The celebration campaign invites consumers to visit a new campaign microsite that will offer a variety of variety of opportunity that range from brand hoistiory and prizes to cocktail recipes and product information.

200th Anniversary Website and Film


The new website is a celebration of great cocktails and an enduringbrand legacy. The site offers celebratory content including a new 60-second film that highlights the history between the brand and the cocktail.

Users can also find more information on Luxardo, where to purchase, enter in the 200th-anniversary sweepstakes and download the 200th Anniversary Cocktail Recipe E-book. More information on the exciting new product launch can be found on the website later in the year.

Luxardo 200th Anniversary Sweepstakes

Between September 1, 2021, and November 30, 2021, consumers will be able to enter the Luxardo 200th Anniversary Sweepstakes for a chance to win a premium, fully stocked bar cart of Luxardo favourites. Weekly giveaways will reward participants with prizes for mixing up convivial cocktails and sharing creations on social media with the official hashtag, #PerfectServe. Additional rules and regulations can be found at

200th Anniversary Cocktail Recipe E-book


The Luxardo name has been synonymous with the history of cocktails: stirred into the first Manhattan cocktail ever mixed, served in the grand halls of the Titanic, and poured into a Daquiri at Hemingway’s behest, the Luxardo family has perfected spirits for generations. The 200th Anniversary Cocktail Recipe E-book provides formulas for legendary depths of flavour, inspired classics and reinvented icons, with a signature Italian twist.

The recipe book includes a historical timeline of 20 cocktails and notable background of how each drink came to be, with a Luxardo twist: a Sour Cherry Martinez with Luxardo Sour Cherry Gin, The Last Word, with equal parts Luxardo London Dry Gin and Luxardo Maraschino Originale Liqueur, and the coveted Luxardo Aperitivo Spritz.

For more information, please visit or or follow the brand on Twitter and Instagram

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Luxardo Celebrates Its 200 Years

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