The Final Days of the old Burrow Bar location

Sydney’s Burrow Bar may be on the move but not before a final party where we got to ask what memories, events and practices have made this bar so special

By: Tiff Christie|March 23,2021

In every city, there is that one bar that is so steeped in hospitality that it becomes the bar that the hospitality industry frequents. Whether bartenders (or chefs) were just on their break, or actually have a night off, most of them found their way down to Burrow Bar.

Down a dark little lane off George Street in Sydney’s CBD, Burrow Bar was a home-away-from-home for not just the industry but also those who wanted an excellent drink, good conversation and hospitable service. It’s stone walls and whiskey cabinets, provided a refuge, as you knew that soon someone you knew would wander in.

Over the years, the parties that Burrow has hosted have gone down in legend and during the dark days of last year, the bar provides not only support but also a practical central website for other bars to sell merchandise.

But their lease is up. So the bar is on the move to a new location a few blocks away.

Last Sunday was the last hurrah for the old venue. So we went along to ask people not only what they were drinking but also what memories they had from the last five years and what made the bar so special.

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The Final Days of the old Burrow Bar location

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