Cîroc Launches Next Iteration Of #cirocstands

A Curated Art Collective of Black Artists Visually Share the Stories of Local Changemakers in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City and Miami.

By: Tiff Christie|February 26,2021

Together with Sean “Diddy” Combs and art curator Jordan “Love Watts” Watson, CÎROC is proud to unveil the newest iteration of #CIROCStands to celebrate and amplify the iconic Black entrepreneurs who are redefining culture across entertainment, fashion and food.

  • Tiffany Haddish: “I feel that everyone is on this planet for multiple reasons. I figured out what one of mine was and that is to bring joy.” 
    • 1200 S Hope St, Los Angeles, California

Through a collective of emerging Black artists, the brand brings to life their stories of achievement through disruptive murals illustrating Black excellence in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York City and Miami.

Known for elevating the works of creatives of color, Love.Watts curated a collective of local artists to visually depict the stories of celebrity chef Richard Ingraham, stylist Zerina Akers, comedian/actress/producer Tiffany Haddish and tailor to the stars Teheran Jones of Exclusive Game, through bold and powerful murals in their hometowns.

  • Richard Ingraham: “Every plate of food I prepare embodies my passion for the craft of cooking. My unwavering love for my family and the unshakeable strength of culture.”
    • 239 NW 26 Street, Miami, Florida


To serve as the storytellers, artists from each city, including Mojo in Miami, Andre Trenier in New York City, Kezia Harrell in Los Angeles, and Markeidric in Atlanta, were paired with each changemaker to showcase modern Black excellence through eye-catching visual art, while bringing color to local communities. Through scannable QR codes on the murals, visitors can also learn more about the stories behind these faces.

“The stories and voices of the people in our community should be celebrated every day of the year, not just one month,” says Sean “Diddy” Combs. “Through #CIROCStands, we’re showing everyone the Black excellence that drives our communities.”

  • Zerina Akers: “We must believe that every sacrifice has a reward and that we are the ones who hold our power.”
    • 1096 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York


CÎROC is also making a donation to The Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG) to help support their mission to build a more equitable and inclusive creative culture.

“It’s an honor to help bring together local emerging artists of color to provide them with a canvas to share powerful stories,” says Jordan “Love Watts” Watson. “This iteration of #CIROCStands is another means of regaining and owning the power of Black excellence while continuing to be a celebratory vehicle of success.”

  • Teheran Jones from Exclusive Game: “Through my work, I hope to pave the way for the next generation’s dreams and aspirations.”
    • 333 Peters Street Southwest, Atlanta, Georgia


To learn more about the #CIROCStands platform, the voices behind the murals or where you can find the murals, visit @CIROC on Instagram and @love.watts on Instagram

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Cîroc Launches Next Iteration Of #cirocstands

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