Hickson House Set To Revive The Spirit Of The Rocks

The team behind the iconic Sydney bar, The Barber Shop, are set to open a new CBD-based distillery and bar in The Rocks in June

By: Tiff Christie|February 2,2021

A short time after William Hogarth’s iconic Gin Lane print was issued in the mid-eighteenth century, white settlement started in Australia in an area that is now known as The Rocks on Sydney Harbour Foreshore. Just shy of 250 years later, a new Gin distillery is set to spearhead a multi-faceted revival of that same area.


Hickson House Distillery bar area – artists rendering

Hickson House Distilling Co is the latest, yet much-anticipated venture from Mikey Enright and Julian Train, the team behind the world-renowned bars, The Barber Shop and The Duke of Clarence. They will combine their infinite gin knowledge with that of distiller Tim Stones (ex-Manly Spirits).

The distillery, which is set to open in June, will be set amongst the soaring brickwork and girders of some of the cities earliest warehouses as part of the City of Sydney’s vision to create one of the world’s most envied heritage precincts.

Located in the former Saatchi & Saatchi garage (the scene of many infamous warehouse parties back in the day) the distillery will create gins, aperitifs, whiskies, and specialist spirits. They will of course start with their beloved gin, creating expressions that are culinary-inspired and crafted with locally-sourced ingredients, such as native botanicals from The Loch farm at Berrima in New South Wales’ Southern Highlands.


Hickson House exterior

“Our vision is to create a city distillery that is balanced by a fully-stocked bar serving all of our favourite spirits,” said Enright. “Patrons can come for a behind-the-scenes distilling experience, modern Australian cuisine, or just a simple G&T.

“Julian, Tim and I are so looking forward to rolling up Hickson House’s iconic door this June to welcome Sydneysiders, visitors from all states and, hopefully, sooner rather than later, overseas travellers to our unique venue,” he continued.

The venue will play host to experiential tours that culminate in tastings, a spirit store, and private dining experiences. Additionally, a mezzanine lounge will sit above an expansive bar, serving bespoke cocktails alongside a botanical-inspired menu.

The total business covers 450m2 with 180m2 dedicated to the bar, kitchen, and mezzanine area. The space is designed by Sydney’s Steel & Stitch and Sara Mathers from the UK, working together to create a New York warehouse-style bar beside an active distillery.

Stay tuned for more information closer to time.

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Hickson House Set To Revive The Spirit Of The Rocks

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