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7 Aperol Cocktails (2.0)

If you’re worried that all you can make with Aperol is a spritz then we’re here to tell you there is so much more this light, bright aperitif can do.

By: Tiff Christie|January 31,2021

Most people when they think of Aperol, think of an Aperol Spritz. And why not, it’s fun, citrusy, and provides a lighter, brighter take on bittersweet.


Tommi's Cocktail

Le Chateau


South Slope

Devil's Soul

The Two-One-Two

Cheeky Negroni

But don’t for a second think that this one drink is all that Aperol can do. It’s that very light, bright character that makes it perfect as an addition to so many other drinks.

If you are wanting a Negroni but thinking that Campari might be a bit heavy, then swap it out for Aperol. If you also swap out the Dry Vermouth for Lillet Blanc, you have a Cheeky Negroni. But if you want something more earthy, then keep the Sweet vermouth and swap out the gin for tequila and then the Negroni will ensure that the Aperol won’t disappoint.

Yet what if you want earthy but a little bit darker, then you’ll have in your hands the Devil’s Soul, which is understandably complex with Avena, Rye, Mezcal, and St Germain. Tommi’s Cocktail takes that same Mezcal and Aperol combo but puts a more delicate spin on it with Maraschino

At the other end of the scale, the Two-One-Two is undeniably crisp and the colour of sunshine. But if you’d like your sunshine with a more citrusy edge than South Slope, with Orange Curaćao should definitely be in your shaker tonight.

But no matter which way you go during the night, it should always end with something like Le Chateau. Its sophisticated use of herbal benedictine and Cognac will ensure that you will never again just open your Aperol to make yourself a spritz.

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7 Aperol Cocktails (2.0)

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