The Hernö Riff For Irish Coffee Day

Why not add a Swedish touch to your National Irish Coffee Day with a warming riff from Hernö Gin, the classic Hernö Jakt & Tonic

By: Tiff Christie|January 25,2021

It might be National Irish Coffee Day that doesn’t mean that you are limited to just making an Irish Coffee. To give the day a little bit of a twist, we’ve turned to a classic cocktail from 1942 with the assistance of our friends at Hernö Gin.

A wonderfully warming treat, the Hernö Jakt & Tonic uses gin, simple syrup but adds a heated tonic, which is then topped with whipped cream.

If you really want to embrace the tastes of a Swedish winter, then you can add a touch of the forests in northern Sweden by garnishing the cocktail with lingonberry powder, which you can find via amazon)

Hernö Jakt & Tonic


30 ml Hernö Old Tom Gin
8 ml simple syrup
100 ml heated Tonic water
Whipped cream
Lingonberry powder for garnish


Pour Hernö Old Tom Gin and simple syrup into a glass. Stir. Heat Tonic water to 85–90 degrees Celsius. Pour into the glass. Top with whipped cream and lingonberry powder. If you want to keep the cocktail warm longer, preheat the glass.

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The Hernö Riff For Irish Coffee Day

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