A Shot In Time Aims To Aid UK hospitality

UK collective, Our Future Proof, has organised a series of 5 limited-edition prints entitled A Shot In Time, to raise money for the hospitality industry.

By: Tiff Christie|January 23,2021

As the impact of COVID continues to affect bars and restaurants worldwide, a new industry collective has formed to offer immediate support to UK hospitality.

An alliance of bar owners, brand ambassadors, and spirits producers, Our Future Proof has formed a creative initiatives platform to support the industry, which in the UK has lost an estimated £53 billion as a result of the pandemic.


A ‘Manhattan’ Family

The group’s first initiative, A Shot In Time, offers a series of 5 limited-edition photographic prints that capture the emotions people connect with hospitality using barware, shot by creative drinks photographer Addie Chinn. The images are intended to shine a glimmer of light on what unites our industry and something to enjoy for a long time to come.

“Our Future Proof is a platform curated by a group of friends who love hospitality and have been lucky enough to have spent 20 years building careers in it. Seeing it crumble has spurred us to come together to try and help, with this first series of prints, A Shot In Time, by Addie Chin,” explained Regal Rogue/Our Future Proof co-founder, Mark Ward.

“This is just the beginning, we are fully dedicated to supporting the friends, family, and industry we owe our livelihoods to, through this pandemic and beyond,” he continued.



The limited-edition series is intended to explore the core, shared emotions people associate with drinking and dining out, visiting cafés, coffee shops, and everything in between. Responses to ‘what hospitality means to you’ were collated and the 5 most prevalent, captured in a series of impactful images to be sold as prints.

All profits from the sales will be donated directly to The Drinks Trust to generate essential funding to those needing critical social, medical, and financial help for them and their families, in the hospitality sector.

‘We are grateful to Mark Ward and the Our Future Proof – A Shot In Time group for conceiving this initiative in aid of The Drinks Trust. The impact of the money raised through the sales of the photographs on the lives of our colleagues and friends in the drinks and hospitality community is significant, and it will enable The Drinks Trust to provide more help to those in need of our care in these very challenging times.’ Ross Carter, CEO of The Drinks Trust.

Only 50 size prints of each of the five images will be available to buy, with 100% of profits going to The Drinks Trust to support hospitality workers. Each print will be A3 in size and will include the print descriptor. Our Future Proof is hoping to raise over £10k from the campaign.

On January 31st at 4 pm (UK time), The Whisky Auction website, in conjunction with Norman Cook aka DJ Fatboy Slim, OFP will be auctioning an exclusive set of personally captioned prints.

For more information and the ability to support the UK industry and buy a print, go to

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A Shot In Time Aims To Aid UK hospitality

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