St-Germain Launches A Virtual Holiday Soiree

Salon St-Germain is designed to help people elevate their at-home holiday occasions and discover simple moments of joy through a shared experience

By: Tiff Christie|December 16,2020

Just in time for holiday celebrations, Elderflower Liqueur brand St-Germain are launching their St-Germain Salon, designed to help people elevate their at-home holiday occasions and discover simple moments of joy through a shared experience.


Earlecia Richelle
top image – Hilton Carter

The Salon will feature the talents of renowned interior designer Sasha Bikoff and celebrated plant stylist Hilton Carter in collaboration with St-Germain National Brand Ambassador Earlecia Richelle to provide inspiration, helpful tips and tricks, as well as a little bit of joy and fun to at-home entertaining – even as it looks different this year.

An evolution of Maison St-Germain, the brand’s beloved annual summer celebration which brought to life the 1,000 elderflowers that comprise each 750 ml bottle, Salon St-Germain transports the event’s elements of discovery to people’s living rooms or “salons,” en français.

The program draws inspiration from French salons, which played an integral role in the cultural and intellectual development of society from the Enlightenment through its apogee in 1920s Paris. Replicating the interactive nature of the Parisian salons, people will be invited to join a larger community and lend a collaborative hand in the experience.

From a welcome cocktail moment in the entryway to a DIY bar area and a classic holiday dinner party tablescape, the trio will showcase vignettes they’ve created to elevate ordinary moments at home into something extraordinary for the season.

Evolving around the iconic art movements that flourished in the Parisian neighbourhood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, which inspired the brand’s name, each Salon ties a holiday entertaining moment into either Art Deco, Cubism or Surrealism.


Sasha Bikoff

The creators have shared a recommended shopping list so people can pick up the stylizing elements and then tune into Facebook Live or Youtube Live for the Salons themselves and to follow along on the creative journey.

“We’re thrilled to adapt our iconic Maison St-Germain summer celebration into Salon St-Germain,” says Emma Fox, Global Brand Director at Bacardi. “St-Germain is inspired by the neighbourhood of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in Paris which was home to myriad luminaries and creative figures who gathered for rousing debates and artistic activity in salons, particularly in the Roaring 20s.

“We look forward to updating this concept to 2020, transporting it across the Atlantic and helping people find joy and creativity in the holiday season with Salon St-Germain.

The brand will continue expanding its Salon St-Germain platform by enlisting new trios of creatives and bartenders to roll out new creations and experiences into 2021.

For a veritable Rendez-vous of creativity and ideas, the trio will invite and engage their friends and fans to join them on the journey through two virtual soirees (December 16 and 17 at 6pm EST). Please visit HERE to sign up to experience the first iteration of Salon St-Germain.

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St-Germain Launches A Virtual Holiday Soiree

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