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7 Coffee Liqueur Cocktails

With the variety and quality of Coffee Liqueurs om the market now, there is no reason not to take your love for coffee from the day into the night.

By: Tiff Christie|December 6,2020

To most of us grabbing a coffee comes as naturally as breathing. There is something fundamental about the infusion of flavours that coffee presents. No matter how you like your coffee, the taste of this particular liquid will pull you in every time.



Nutty Russian

Cold Fashioned

El Cafecito


Montgomery Slugger

Turbo G&T

Whether it’s the bitterness, the sweetness, the sourness and at times, even the saltiness of coffee that tempts you, that taste makes our mornings better and does its best to get us through that mid-afternoon slump.

So it’s not really a surprise that it is now also a taste we want to take into the evenings. After all, a good coffee liqueur can satiate our cravings both alcohol and coffee in a single drink.

Yet choosing the right Coffee Liqueurs, is like choosing the right coffee itself. There are a variety of factors such as base spirit, sugar content, and even the bean profile that will affect your enjoyment of a coffee liqueur. And everyone has their favourite.

Independent distillers—many of whom proudly extol the beans they use, tell you what country they were sourced from and, as you might expect, whether they’re Fair Trade—are trying to get their piece of that pie.

That’s especially true considering that coffee liqueurs are fairly easy to make; producers either steep grounds in or mix cold brew with, an alcohol base and then add a sweetener and additional flavourings, like vanilla.

Like coffee itself, Coffee Liqueurs have gone through a renaissance in recent years and. with the rise of the liqueurs, a rise in the variety and taste of coffee liqueur cocktails has occurred. No longer are we only presented with a White Russian or an Espresso Martini.

It seems that across the globe, bartenders have been busy creating new drinks that they can present to fashion models so as to both wake them up and then f*ck them up (as Dick Bradsell did decades ago).

So next time you’re in a bar, try whatever the coffee cocktail is on the menu (they are bound to have one) or suggest one of the cocktails listed above. ‘Cause without Coffee liqueur, it’s possible your next cocktail won’t amount to a hill of beans.

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7 Coffee Liqueur Cocktails

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