Scale The Summit With This New Whiskey Glass Set

A new precision-crafted Whiskey glass set available on Kickstarter has been designed to elevate your whiskey drinking experience

By: Tiff Christie|November 20,2020

If you’re thinking of taking your whiskey drinking to new heights, then perhaps its time to wrap your hand (and your whiskey) around a new set of glassware that features the world’s mightiest peak. 


Available through Kickstarter, the Liiton Mount Everest Whiskey Glass features a 1:1 replica of Mount Everest that is molded directly into the interior of the glass. Fully funded within the first five hours, the projects unique design features a weighted base, as well as portion control, aroma release and the ability to chill the liquid without the need for ice.

“We believe drinking whiskey is a sacred experience,” says Liiton founder Peng Lin. “Even the smallest detail can make drinking whiskey better.”

The 3D mountain design offers built-in aeration which naturally unlocks the flavours of your favourite whiskey to heighten your tasting experience. As the spirit swirls against the maintain face, creating a wave that results in maximum oxidization. This effect forces more ethanol to evaporate, engaging the aromas on the nose as well as the taste buds.


Do away with ice cubes and cumbersome whiskey stones, as the Everest’s Chill-Charge System™ embedded within the whiskey glass. will chill your drink in just 18 seconds. The brand says that simply storing the glasses in your freezer, will charge the glasses with cool energy without watering down the beverage.

Weight in at 1 Lb(or0.45kg), the glasses have been designed to create a superior drinking experience for whiskey lovers. Instantly elevating your cocktail game whether you’re serving drinks to friends or showcasing these glasses on your drinks cart, the Everest design is also available with a decanter.

Working with world-renowned Danish designer Nina Bruun, Liiton have blended an aesthetically pleasing design, that looks and feels good in your hand, with unique features to heighten the experience of enjoying quality, flavourful whiskey.

An ambitious design, the glass also allows for easy measuring through the mountain’s landmarks. The Base Camp (16,900ft) mark is equal to a single shot, where as Camp B (17,598ft) would be a double shot and the summit (29,029ft)embracing the peak of Mount Everest would be 3 shots,


“We brought our A-game to the Everest Whiskey Glass,” says Lin. “We spoke to countless whiskey experts – everyone from distillers to mixologists to connoisseurs – to learn what is the ultimate experience.”

Here are a few of the Everest features:

Power in your Palm

The precision-crafted Everest Whiskey Glass is the only tumbler to feature a true-to-scale 3D glass carving of all three sides of Mount Everest. The Everest Whiskey Decanter’s unique two-sided design features two sides of Everest moulded onto its exterior.

Chill-Charge System™

The glass sculpture of Mount Everest embedded within the whiskey glass charges up with cold to chill your drink, evenly distributing it throughout the whiskey without watering down the beverage for the cleanest unadulterated whiskey experience.

Unlocks Aromatics

The Everest Whiskey Glass offers the optimal expression of whiskey flavours by gently and naturally releasing the aromatic compounds of your whiskey through interaction with the Mount Everest carving.

For more information, go to the Everest Whiskey Glass and Decanter campaign on Kickstarter (which will be available until January 4, 2021).

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Scale The Summit With This New Whiskey Glass Set

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