Ryan Reynolds Introduces New Aviation Gin with 'More Ounces’

The dad of three encourages stressed-out parents to “schedule their parent-gin conference today” in a relatable commercial for “Home School Edition” gin.

By: Tiff Christie|September 26,2020

If you were at all worried that the recent sale of Ryan Reynold’s Aviation Gin to Diageo would result in the brand showing less of his characteristic dry sense of humour than you’ll be delighted that Reynolds is back with the perfect solution to homeschooling.

As what we can only imagine serves as a ‘community service announcement’ for most parents, Reynolds has launched a new 1.75-litre bottle of his Aviation American Gin to help those teaching their children at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday, the Deadpool actor shared a commercial for Aviation American Gin: Home School Edition on Instagram. Captioned, “Aviation Home School edition. Official sponsor of Parent-Gin conferences,” the clip acknowledges that back to school time has a “whole new meaning” this year.

To help parents through the stresses of teaching, the brand has launched a special ‘homeschool edition’ bottle. But don’t worry Renyold’s explains that the new variation is “just like the classic delicious Aviation Gin that you love but with more ounces”.

In the ad, which sees Reynolds sitting at a desk with an apple, books and other school supplies, as he explains that the new variation “… can help with a variety of subjects: fourth-grade geography, whatever the f*ck new math is, and revisiting your own, long-forgotten school traumas.”

The ad wraps up with a school bell sound and Reynolds concluding, “Middle school is the f***king worst.”

Reactions to Reynolds’ video were exactly what any parent of a kid doing homeschooling these days would expect.

Additionally, Jason Momoa added “You’re amazing,” alongside numerous laughing emojis. And Robert Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool, wrote: “Omigosh the best!!”

Reynolds also included a picture of the new bottle on his Instagram Story to prove he wasn’t making up his latest creation. “Yup. It’s a real thing,” he wrote. In fact, if you are in the US, you can purchase one of the 1.75-litre bottles via Reserve Bar, right this instant.

Back in August, Diageo announced it would be spending up to $610 million to buy Aviation American Gin, co-owned by Reynolds, and a variety of other spirits brands. The British spirits giants already own Tanqueray and Gordon’s.

Diageo is paying up to $610 million for Aviation Gin LLC and Davos Brands LLC, whose portfolio also includes Astral Tequila, Sombra Mezcal, and TYKU Sake.

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Ryan Reynolds Introduces New Aviation Gin with 'More Ounces’

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