Patrón Helps At-Home Bartenders With Smart Coaster

Patrón & Barsys collaborate on a Smart Coaster & Bartending Kit to help Margarita lovers perfect their at-home bartending skills.

By: Tiff Christie|August 20,2020

Patrón Tequila is toasting summer with the introduction of the Patrón Margarita Smart Coaster by Barsys.

With at-home entertaining at an all-time high, Patrón has collaborated with the cocktail technology company Barsys, to create a limited-edition kit to teach users how to make the ultimate at-home Patrón Margarita, as well as a range of other tequila cocktails.

This first-of-its-kind partnership leverages the innovative Barsys smart coaster technology with Patrón tequila recipes and tools allowing people to easily perfect their at-home bartending skills.

The limited-edition kit comes fully equipped with the Barsys ‘smart coaster’, two Patrón rocks glasses, a custom Patrón branded TAJÍN salt rimmer, lime squeezer, and shaker, providing users with all the tools they will need to craft the Perfect Margarita and a variety of other delicious, versatile and simple cocktails at-home. All you’ll need to do is buy the tequila -Patrón, of course.

Enabled by Barsys Smart Bar Technology, the Coaster connects directly to smartphones through the Barsys Coaster app and guides the user by precisely measure each cocktail ingredient as it’s poured, ensuring a perfect cocktail every time. The cocktail recommendation engine turns device owners into instant mixologists that can make thousands of cocktails at a click of a button.

“When most people think of a margarita, they think of it as a summer cocktail, however, the margarita is such a versatile drink and should be enjoyed all year long. Together with Barsys we made that possible, and found a way to elevate the at-home cocktail experience by providing innovative technology and tools to create high quality and unique margarita recipes at-home,” said Adrian Parker, Global Vice President, Marketing for Patrón Tequila at Bacardi Global Brands Limited.


“Patrón always aims to create memorable experiences and new, interactive ways for people to learn and engage with our products using the devices and technologies in their everyday lives. The partnership with Barsys is our latest example of our commitment to help our customers create moments that matter.”

Patrón is dedicated to providing new and innovative experiences for tequila fans and cocktail connoisseurs to enjoy responsibly while staying home. This is particularly true with the recent growth in tequila sales which, since the beginning of the pandemic, have risen by 66.5%, according to Nielsen data.

“When it comes to creating experiences, Patrón shares our passion for innovation and perfection and is an ideal first partner for Barsys,” said Akshet Tewari,  Barsys CEO and Founder. “Together with Patrón, we are able to offer customers the ability to perfect their margarita making skills along with so many other versatile cocktail offerings in an approachable and accessible way.

“Barsys has always been about bringing great cocktails into the home. Our technologies break down the barrier to cocktail enjoyment, helping people both understand and craft amazing drinks.”

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Patrón Helps At-Home Bartenders With Smart Coaster

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