Bombay Sapphire Stirs Your Creativity At Home

If the lockdown has left you at a loose end, why not let Bombay Sapphire, artist Joey Yu and brand ambassador Franck Dedieu stir your creativity.

By: Tiff Christie|May 20,2020

If the ongoing social distancing is sending you a little stir crazy, then Bombay Sapphire want to take those stirrings in a much more creative direction.

Over the last two years, the brand has forged a call to arms for everyone to engage their imagination and unlock their creative potential with their ‘Stir Creativity’ campaign and now they are taking it to the home front with “Stir Creativity At Home”.


With a variety of multi-platform learning experiences, ‘Stir Creativity At Home’ offers online classes, workshops, and cocktail-making sessions led by notables and influencers from diverse fields. In the latest instalment, the brand invites gin enthusiasts and art lovers alike to join a one-hour virtual masterclass to hone their cocktail-making and illustration skills from the comfort of their homes.

The Cocktails and Create Workshop this Friday will bring together the creative minds of two spectacular co-hosts: the artist and illustrator Joey Yu and award-winning bartender Franck Dedieu. Guests at the Zoom masterclass will be invited to make exquisite cocktails and create ‘windowscape’ illustrations that take inspiration from their views from home.

In a survey conducted earlier this month, Bombay Sapphire identified that 83% want to be ‘more creative’, with 60% saying that they would like to hone their ‘drawing and painting’ skills. And so the brand brought together pioneering creatives from the world of cocktails and art, to offer budding creatives of all abilities a chance to create unique drinks and illustration masterpieces of which they can be proud.


Attendees will be invited to follow along via the video-conferencing platform Zoom and will also have a chance to ask the experts questions along the way via the chat function for a fully immersive experience.

Yu will guide guests through the process of drawing their own bold, modern window scene, which will be either an interpretation of the current view from their window at home or a reimagined view that is special to them, perhaps one that has inspired their creativity in the past.

“There is no better time to explore your creative side than right now,” said  Joey Yu, “and illustration is one of the most accessible art mediums for people to engage with. You don’t need lots of expensive tools and supplies to get started, just simply pick up a pen and come and join in.

“The concept of ‘windowscapes’ allows us to re-imagine the world and depict what it is we want to see when we look out at the world,” he continued. “Whether it’s based on a memory, somewhere we’ve always aspired to visit, or maybe just our current view with a different perspective.”


During the masterclass, brand ambassador, Franck Dedieu will show guests how to create two cocktails, a G&T Twist and classic Bramble cocktail, using the iconic Bombay Sapphire gin and the brand’s new expression Bombay Bramble. 

“Mastering cocktail serves is a brilliant way to get creative at home,” said Dedieu. “Your kitchen store cupboard provides a myriad of unique garnishes and ingredients that you might not have realised could be cocktail components before. Bombay Sapphire gin is the perfect starting point for all types of cocktails with a perfectly balanced profile that makes flavour combinations limitless.”

And he should know, as Dedieu’s experience ranges from venues such as Michelin starred restaurant L’Antiquaire in Lyon, London EDITION Hotel and coveted cocktail bar, Coupette.

Tickets to the event will be available via Eventbrite from Wednesday 13th May. The Eventbrite page will feature ingredients and crafts lists, so guests can prepare ahead of time.

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Bombay Sapphire Stirs Your Creativity At Home

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