What A Reverse Cocktail-Bucket-List Is And Why You Need To Write One

Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in what we want to achieve from our home bar, rather than realising just how far we’ve already come.

By: Tiff Christie|May 2,2020

Whether you call it a bucket list, a drink list or something completely different, most of us have a list of cocktails we want to make or experience at some point in our lives. But what about a list of what we have made so far?

Many people get so caught up with what’s on their Cocktail to-do list that they forget all the great things they’ve already made in their home bar.

That’s why it’s not good enough to just have a bucket list; it’s why you need a reverse bucket list.


As we’re starting a new year, it’s essential to not just look at what we want to achieve but also remember what we already have tried, perfected and imbibed.

So, what is a reverse bucket list?

While setting amazing bucket list goals can truly inspire you to ‘up’ your home mixology game, it’s necessary to remember that this is one of the few areas in life where you don’t have anything to prove.
The whole point of having a home bar is to enjoy the experience and the drinks you learn to make.

Having a bucket list can be a helpful reminder of the things you haven’t mastered/tried/experimented with yet; it’s also important to not lose sight of all the things you’ve achieved so far, too. It will give you some perspective and motivation to keep moving forward.

Simply put, a reverse bucket list is a list of what you’ve accomplished so far, big or small. Instead of focusing on all those incredible things you want to achieve in your lifetime, you reflect on what you did achieve so far.

Doesn’t it sound like a great idea?

Here are five things you might include on your reverse bucket list:

  1. Creating a Martini that your friends thought was truly bar-worthy
  2. Graduating from a Cobbler (three-piece) Shaker to more professional-looking shaker tins.
  3. Progressing your Rum Cocktails beyond a Daiquiri (& in doing so, you’ve found a Jungle Bird tastes just as good as it sounds).
  4. Making your first syrup or shrub … from scratch
  5. Successfully batching a few bottled Negronis for the big road trip (and having grateful friends thank you for your efforts).


How can it benefit you?

Keeping a reverse bucket list will bring more joy into your life.

Finding joy means appreciating the little life wins. Stopping to write your reverse bucket list means you’re taking the time to be thankful for everything you have accomplished so far.

But, it can be quite the challenge to write your reverse bucket list because you’ll start looking for those big, awesome things you have done so far and forget the small yet meaningful ones. Maybe you’ll even compare it to your bucket list and think what you did wasn’t such a big deal.

So, remember to write down both the big and the small goals you’ve accomplished, whether that means perfecting the art of the stir, bring more bitter Amaros into your drinks rotation or creating the ultimate G&T.

Hopefully, you’ll realize that your cocktail game is actually pretty amazing already.

Keeping a ‘drinks-skills-done’  list will make you feel accomplished.

What’s better than checking off something from your drinks-to-do list? It not only makes you feel productive and accomplished but also sends the message to yourself and others that you are making progress. That’s the other benefit of keeping a reverse bucket list.


Sometimes we can feel so overwhelmed by what we’d like to do and achieve, that we easily forget what we have already managed to accomplish and achieve.

It’s easy to forget to keep track of the progress we’ve already made, the cocktail making skills we’ve already mastered and the variety of drink types we’ve managed to try.

By keeping a list, we can easily track our growth and improvement and more often than not, get a boost of motivation after writing it.

How to create a reverse bucket list?

List everything you have accomplished so far with your home bar – both big or small. List the cocktails that you have made, the tools you’ve managed to acquire and the spirits and liqueurs you’ve tried.

Keep it close to your bar and read it every time you’re feeling a little overwhelmed when you think of the drinks you’re still trying to perfect. It will remind you that no matter what cocktail is in your hand, you’ve come a long way, baby, and really, you’re doing just fine.


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What A Reverse Cocktail-Bucket-List Is And Why You Need To Write One

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