Four Pillars x Kyoto Create A Gin For The Changing Seasons

Australia’s Four Pillars Gin and Japan’s Kyoto Distillery have collaborated on a new gin that explores botanicals in the changing seasons.

By: Tiff Christie|March 28,2020

It seems odd, during a time when so many of us are self-distancing, to celebrate a collaboration. But when that collaboration is between two distilleries of such clear vision, as Four Pillars and Kyoto Distillery, then perhaps the timing couldn’t be better.


To get the opportunity to taste the unique result produced by two distillers who have come together to share their collective wisdom and tastes, should be an inspiration to us all.

It shows that no matter what the difficulties, the differences or the distances involved, with the spark of an idea something amazing can result.

Four Pillars and Kyoto have been distillery friends for a while and it is through the discussions and deliberations of their two head distillers that Changing Seasons Gin was born.

After experimentation with different ideas and each other’s botanicals, it didn’t take long for Cam Mackenzie (from Four Pillars) or Alex Davies (from Kyoto) to realise that they had created something truly special.

“Changing Seasons Gin has big bright aromas of pine needle, green citrus and light green tea. The green yuzu and the finger limes work beautifully together,” said Mackenzie

“The quandong and kinmokusei are really fruity to taste and the texture is driven from the hinoki, red pine and dense juniper. The juniper is big on the finish so it is unmistakably gin.”


Changing Seasons G&T

But nothing happens overnight and as work continued on the gins between two ends of the globe, it didn’t take either distillery long to realise that the Australian summer and the Japanese winter would soon move into the Australian autumn and the Japanese Spring.

It was from this realisation of time passing the different effects of seasons that the name for the project became clear. And to back that up, both distillers sought to make a gin that would drink brilliantly in both places, in all weathers and seasons.

To show its variety, Four Pillars have suggested a number of ways that the Changing Seasons Gin can be used and therefore enjoyed all year round, no matter what the season in which you find yourself.

Four Pillars Changing Seasons Gin Signature Serves

Spring – Changing Seasons Gins, Umeshu, sparkling wine, raspberry


Summer – Changing Seasons Gins, StrangeLove Yuzu, lime leaf


Autumn – Changing Seasons Gins, Tōji Daiginjo, Yellow Chartreuse, olive, lemon oils


Winter – Changing Seasons Gins, Lillet Blanc, lemon, white chocolate & matcha


Changing Seasons Gin is available online at from 30 March.

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Four Pillars x Kyoto Create A Gin For The Changing Seasons

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