Playlist For Double Deuce Lounge, Sydney

If you’re after a sound reminiscent of a 1970’s small bar in Manhattan, then the playlist from Sydney bar Double Deuce is the ultimate in 70’s porn chic.

By: Tiff Christie|February 6,2020

If your style is a little more funk and soul, then Sydney bar Double Deuce Lounge has just the right playlist for your drinking pleasure.

With a laidback, 1970s Manhattan vibe, the bar bangs out some of the biggest artists to grace the period from Sly And The Family Stone and Curtis Mayfield to Aretha Franklin and evening some Rolling Stones.

“Music is essential to the atmosphere of any space you are in and especially integral to a ‘vibe ‘ of a bar,” said co-founder Charlie Lehmann. “Many people walk the streets with earphones because they are creating a phonic playlist to their day-to-day activities but not many sit in a bar and do that.

“It’s almost a subconscious agreement between guest and bar curators that we are here to create the atmosphere and environmental entertainment. To do that, the driving force is our song selection.”

Flipping the musical switch from what plays at their sister bar, Ramblin Rascals Tavern, the Double Deuce playlist has a lot of soul and funk weaved into any night. Yet Lehmann admits that occasionally a few pop hits and a little soulful jazz and blues do occasionally creep in as well.

“We tend to have guests that are from all age groups (above the age of 18) but there is a heavy lean toward those ages 30 and above. Those in the 40 and above age bracket tend to bop along to the tunes with a bit more gusto than others,” he points out.

A strong believer that music is integral to creating atmosphere, Lehmann points out that a lack of music in a bar just feels awkward and more like a library. He points out that if you add a tune like Otis Reddings “Cigarettes and Coffee” (which happens to be in his top 5 favourite songs of all time) then you’ve got a bar in which people want to stay (and drink).

“We just love good f*cking tunes and we know our song choices are loved by those that roll into Deuce too,” he said.

“We were all born a bit too late for the ’70s but there were some residual effects. Many artists that we did grow up with have sampled these bangers, à la Dr Dre with Leon Haywood’s I Want’a Do Something Freaky to You.”

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Playlist For Double Deuce Lounge, Sydney

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