Ketel One Looks To Disarm With Charm

A new global creative campaign from Ketel One is putting charm and whimsy into the brand’s philosophy of ‘doing things better’

By: Tiff Christie|November 18,2019

Dutch premium vodka brand Ketel One, known for its signature simple design sensibilities, have created a new campaign with a touch of wit and whimsy. The new “Drink Marvelously” campaign, presents a series of charming ads, with a style reminiscent of New Yorker illustrations.

Created by New York agency Fig, the campaign consists of charming spots featuring playful black-and-white line illustrations that feel like a classic comic strip come to life—a refreshing break from the high-production ads and millennial revelry that crowd the category.

“Drink Marvellously is a watershed moment for us,” said Alexandre Rodrigues, Global Brand Director, Ketel One Vodka, “different from everything we’re seeing elsewhere in the vodka category right now.

“We’re inviting people to an entirely new, marvellous world that’s actually right in front of us,” he continued. “We hope to create a unique sense of discovery and spark imagination instead of simply re-creating familiar occasions and experiences. But the work is truly something to be experienced rather than explained.”

The campaign in aims to captures a world where magic surrounds the everyday. It is a world where everyone is welcome, and experiences are bettered by being together with friends (or complete but charming strangers) who bring joy and laughter.

In one spot depicts a man mixing up a Ketel One martini and then sending it, by balloon, across the city, later reuniting with it at a rooftop party. Other whimsical spots see the martinis travelling by parachute and shooting across bars.

“This is a time of massive cultural shift for vodka,” continued Rodrigues. “People are evolving the way they socialise and drink. Our consumers lead busy lives and today are more likely to be found enjoying casual catch-ups with friends rather than partying in a nightclub.

“We’re also finding that they’re drawn to quality products that stand out for the human touch, the thought and values that have gone into them – products that are wholesome, simple, honest and that do things a better way.

Fig, the agency involved have commented on their website that they were endeavouring to create something as charmingly disruptive as the Kete One brand itself.

As if to stress this point, Rodrigues said, “We have always committed ourselves to doing things a better way with Ketel One.  Our vodka is family-made by the Nolets, who throughout 11 generations of distilling legacy have always believed deeply in making things better, with quality and care at the heart of everything they do.

“This has led us to become the bartenders’ choice of vodka globally: we have been voted #1 vodka by bartenders from the world’s best bars, no less than seven times.

The Ketel One Srink Marvel campaign will be rolled out in selected countries such as UK, Canada, Brazil and Australia, among others.

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Ketel One Looks To Disarm With Charm

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