Talk (Wild) Turkey With Matthew McConaughey

Actor Matthew McConaughey wanted to find trailblazers, innovators and ground breakers and when he did, he sat them down to Talk Turkey

By: Tiff Christie|November 6,2019

Being the Creative Director for Wild Turkey and the Co-Creator of Long Branch Whiskey, Academy Award winning actor Matthew McConaughey knows a thing or two about people who forge their own path with a sense of true conviction. 

And it was this inspiration that led McConaughey on a journey to find others who he believes have taken the hard road to create something great.

So through the power of social media, McConaughey has started a series called Talk Turkey, where he finds trailblazers, innovators and ground breakers he believes are making stuff happen, all in the name of good. 


McConaughey was initially drawn to the Wild Turkey brand through his innate connection to Jimmy and Eddie Russell, the father and son Master Distiller team for the iconic bourbon brand. It was their strong convictions, unapologetic commitment to their craft, and history of doing things the right way, with over 100 years of combined experience That spoke volumes to McConaughey.

In the Talk Turkey series McConaughey is seeking out that same drive and determination and unwavering conviction to do things the right way—no matter how challenging. The trailblazers featured in each series span from entrepreneurs and a world champion surfer to culinary sensations and an award-winning journalist.

“We are exploring conviction. Why some never compromise to be the best and why some choose their own path where none have gone before,” said McConaughey. “Talk Turkey is connecting with groundbreakers and way-makers who, like the Russell family of distillers, have an uncompromising conviction to do what they do.”

Throughout each series, audiences will get to know the following pioneers:

  • Trap Kitchen, which was born out of conviction. Best friends Malachi and Roberto, unlikely friends from rival L.A. gangs, decided to join forces and redirect their livelihood from the streets to the kitchen. Together, the two aim to serve more than 5-star meals – inspiring their community to refocus their energy away from detrimental activities towards fulfilling, meaningful practices.

  • Maya Gabeira, known as the “Super Woman of Surfing,” holds the female world record for biggest wave ever surfed (2018), a feat she accomplished after a near-death experience in 2013 at a big-wave surfing competition that rendered her immobile. Maya was one of the first women to pursue a professional career in surfing and a pioneer in her field, demanding equal pay and competitions for female surfers within the World Surfing League.

  • Unyoked is a remarkable tiny house-style, travel startup founded by Australian twin brothers, Cam and Chris, who are determined to provide respite and change the pace of life. The two explore and carve out meaningful, reflective spaces in nature through state-of-the-art cabins that make the wilderness accessible.

  • Dan Buettner is an explorer, National Geographic Fellow, award-winning journalist and producer, New York Times bestselling author as well as a three-time Guinness Book of World record holder. He discovered the five places in the world—dubbed “Blue Zones”— where people live the longest, healthiest lives.

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Talk (Wild) Turkey With Matthew McConaughey

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