Tanqueray Gets To The Heart Of Bitters

Tanqueray introduces the flavours of the Amazon to bartender around the world with their new Tropical Citrus Heart Bitters

By: Tiff Christie|November 1,2019

When you think of the Amazon, you usually think of rainforests, exploration and adventure. But what you should actually be thinking about is the flavours.

Or at least that’s what Brazilian bartender, Fabio La Pietra and global cocktailian Lauren Mote are hoping you will do with the development of their Tanqueray No. Ten Tropical Citrus Heart Bitters.


Very much a passion project in terms of flavour, Mote points out that bitters not only aim to tell the story of variations in global taste but also provide a bright and light addition for white spirits and specifically, a perfect addition to Tanqueray No. Ten.

The brand created the bitters as an appreciative gift for bartenders from around the world. Part thank you from the Tanqueray brand and part an exercise in exploration, the bitters which come in 120ml bottle will be made available next year to bartenders across the 60 countries that have participated in world-class cocktail festivals.

“We aim to tell the story of a flavour around the world from places that other bartenders might not be able to get to,” she said. “The Tropical Citrus Heart Bitters is all about Brazil. And in the future, if we decide to do a second Bitters, then the name and focus will change to highlight a different region.

Travelling the world to find the finest flavour combinations is part of the Tanqueray DNA. Back in 1830, Charles Tanqueray searched the globe for the world’s best ingredients, ultimately choosing juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice for his definitive gin.

D-J Hageman, Global Head of Tanqueray, said: “Fabio has done an amazing job in bringing together rich, fresh fruit flavours from Brazil and working with Lauren to create this incredible liquid.

“Bitters have always been an important ingredient for cocktails, and now the world’s greatest bartenders will be able to experiment with Tanqueray No. Ten Citrus Heart Bitters to revolutionise the way their customers enjoy their gin cocktails. We are thrilled to have collaborated with Lauren and Bittered Sling Bitters to create these incredible bitters.

Mote points out that Tanqueray takes pride in working closely with bartenders. She believes it is their commitment to taste and quality that has created such a loyal following within the community.

“The great thing about world-class is that you don’t have to win or compete in world-class to be part of the world-class programs,” she said. “We like to make everything available to all bartenders that work with our brand regardless of where they work.”


Now if La Pietra’s name isn’t familiar, Mote goes on to say it should be, as he is the bar manager of the Brazilian SubAstor bar, which placed number 51 in this years 50 Best Bars Awards. “So definitely a bar to watch,” she said.

“Fabio is so passionate about highlighting the ingredients that come from the Amazon,” said Mote. “We worked with markets and with restaurants, to further focus on bringing out the traditional flavours of Brazilian cuisine. We wanted people to get an idea of what Brazilian food really tastes like.”

“Highlighting the fundamental character of Tanqueray No. Ten has been at the root of our cocktail design. Once you then feed the the the Citrus Heart Bitters into those recipes, it just works beautifully.

“Taking ideas from classic recipe designs is a way that some of the greatest bartenders on the planet have ended up making some of the greatest cocktails. There is always something wonderful about using that classic recipe as a guide because it’s tried and tested and true, and we know that it’s going to work.”

The Tanqueray No. 10 Tropical Citrus Heart Bitters, have no sugar and no colouring and is made from 100% all-natural botanicals in a blend of fruit and green spirit base. “So it is just an all-natural product that can be used in a variety of different ways that give bartenders the ability to create these drinks that are low and no proof if they wish,” said Mote.

With an herbaceous, bright, savoury and floral flavour profile that includes grapefruit, lime leaf, and orange, the bitters provide the drink with a beautiful backbone of bitterness.

“So if you take something like the Gimlet,” said Mote, “bitters can truly bring that drink to life. All the botanicals and flavour profiles of the lime leaf syrup, lime juice, the Tanqueray 10 Gin are heightened, creating a brand new experience.

“That’s what bitters are for; adding that complexity, with the simplest approach.”

For more information on Tanqueray NO.TEN Citrus Heart Bitters, Follow the online conversation @tanqueraygin or use the hashtag #tanqueraygin

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Tanqueray Gets To The Heart Of Bitters

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