Koyomi Highball RTD To Launch In Australia

Crafted especially for the Australian market, Koyomi Highball incorporates the flavours of Japan into an easy and tasty, low-ABV RTD.

By: Tiff Christie|July 26,2019

It seems that we are in the midst of the cocktail worlds version of a perfect storm. Where well-made Ready-To-Drink (RTDs), Highballs & low ABV have all gathered to make sociable, session drinking so much easier.

And into that storm alcohol brand, Beam Suntory, are releasing their new canned offering Koyomi Highball.


A perfect blend of Soda and shōchū, Koyomi (pronounced koy-oh-me) is available in three flavours: Blood Orange and Bitters, Mandarin and Grapefruit.

Balanced with “seasonal Japanese flavours”, Koyomi was created to bring the “distinctively modern Japanese drinking experience” to consumers.

“Koyomi Highball embodies the cool, modern and sophisticated factor of Japan, making it one of a kind. Blended with Shōchū, and popular Japanese flavours, Koyomi Highball provides a unique drinking experience that transports you to Japan,” said Beam Suntory Director of Innovation Kay Oh.

Incredibly popular in Japan, Shōchū Highballs are commonly called Chuhai, a catchy mish-mash of the words ‘shochu’ and ‘highball’.

Most commonly found prepackaged in cans and sold out of vending machines in Japan, Chuhai’s relatively low price point, bubbly charm and low-to-middling ABV (anywhere between 2-9%) has made it a favourite for budget-conscious session drinkers.

And it looks as if Koyomi Highballs are looking to tap into the same market here. And while the brand will have a certain amount of work to do on educating Australian consumers on Shochu (distilled spirits made from grains and vegetables), the appeal of low-alcohol, yet tasty, high-quality highballs is undeniable.

“Australia’s alcohol market is rapidly evolving,” observed Oh, “and as consumers are surrounded by choices, they are searching for a unique, new product, both inside and out.”

The direct Japanese translation of Koyomi means ‘calendar’, but the name is meant to infer more of a sense of the ‘flow of time’, with each of the flavour embodying the movement of the seasons.

Koyomi Highball Yuzu & Lime is described as a “perfectly balanced combination of Japanese and Western citrus fruits”. Yuzu, a popular fruit in Japan, and lime, a popular citrus in Australia, create a “refreshingly zesty Highball”.

Koyomi Highball Mandarin and Grapefruit has “warmer sweet notes” while Blood Orange and Bitters is described as “bold yet balanced” with “complex flavour” and a “less bitter finish” than a Spritz.

The Koyomi range is available in a four-pack priced at AU$18 (US$12.57). It is available from leading liquor stores in Australia from August 2019.

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Koyomi Highball RTD To Launch In Australia

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