A Whisky Blessed By The Viking Gods

Australian bar Mjolner has created a Whiskey Valhalla as they join forces with Scottish Distillery Highland park on an exclusive release.

By: Tiff Christie|July 17,2019

It just makes sense that a bar that boasts that it has been created in Thor’s image, with a strong Viking theme, should team up with a Whisky that has been shaped by stormy seas, and the Vikings who settled on their island over 1,000 years ago.

The Orkney distillery Highland Park has joined forces with Australian bar operator The Speakeasy Group to release a bespoke whisky in its Mjølner venues in Sydney and Melbourne.

The cask strength 14yr old single malt will be available exclusively for the Australian market. Made using whisky matured in first-fill Sherry seasoned European oak casks, first-fill Sherry seasoned American oak casks and refill casks; the whisky has flavours of “Sherry and spice, sweet vanilla and a touch of smokiness”.

The Mjølner x Highland Park Whisky is the bar’s first signature whisky bottling, and the pairing seemed a perfect fit as both companies identify strongly with the proud, independent spirit of the Vikings.

Highland Park (HP) was founded in 1798 by Magnus Eunson, a descendant of the Vikings who once ruled Orkney. Highland Park is recognised for its skill and discipline in creating its intensely balanced flavour.

The release joins a collection of more than 900 bottles across Mjølner’s Melbourne and Sydney venues, featuring some of the world’s most well-known drams as well as some extraordinarily exclusive and rare finds.


Discussions within the Mjølner team began very early on, with the dream of Mjølner having its own Highland Park release. And once news from Scotland came that the distillery had some Whisky ready to sample that could become a Mjølner signature bottling, the dream was on its way to becoming a reality.

With notes of sherry and spice, with sweet vanilla and touches of smokiness, the flavour was exactly what the bar wanted in their first signature blend.

From there, 1731 bottles were blended from a small number of casks including a combination of Butts (477 Litres), Puncheons (318 Litres) as well as Hogsheads (238.5 Litres).

The casks were predominately made up of 1st Fill Sherry Seasoned European Oak cask, followed by 1st Fill Sherry Seasoned American Oak cask and remaining whisky was from traditional refill casks.

The Mjølner bottling is unprecedented for Australia, utilising exclusive access to the unique combination of Highland Park single casks in the distilling process.

In true Mjølner style, the venues will be delivering their signature dram tableside in a miniature replica Viking longboat custom made to home the Whisky bottle and glassware.

The release will be available at The Oak Barrel & Mjølner Melbourne, as well as selected whisky retail shops throughout Australia.

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A Whisky Blessed By The Viking Gods

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