Trading Meth For Mezcal - Dos Hombres

Sure, it may just look like more actors getting into the world of agave spirits but seriously, who needs to be making meth, when they can be making Mezcal.

By: Tiff Christie|July 13,2019

If you’re a Breaking Bad fan and there was news from the two main actors, Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, you would have been excused for thinking that the expected film of the series was about to be released.

And this was the case at the end of June when the actors posted pictures of two donkey’s and the simple word ‘soon’, that was meant to stoke everyone’s curiosity.


But what was coming was not the film, but instead, something we all have a agrees is so much better. The couple had come together to release a new alcohol brand.

After all, who needs to be making meth, when they can be making Mezcal.

Or in the immortal words of Walter White “, I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really…I was alive.”

Yes, that’s right, the main actors from Breaking Bad have joined forces to become the latest stars to enter the agave spirits world. They have released a Mezcal called Dos Hombres, which they believe is “something so damn good even people who don’t think they like mezcal will love it”.

“Three years ago, we sat in a sushi bar in New York. Talking about life and what we could possibly do down the road together,” Paul wrote. “We had the time of our lives while shooting Breaking Bad and truly built a very special bond. Knowing that we couldn’t share the screen for quite a while – our thoughts turned to a new project.”


They drank cocktails and mused, just two guys being dudes. “The younger one looked at his drink and said, you know what we should do? We should do a really special Mezcal,” Paul wrote in his caption. “The older one said, you mean the liquor with a worm at the bottom? Nah, that was just some bullshit gimmick, I mean real, artisanal Mezcal made by hand in Mexico.”

Paul and Cranston then travelled to Oaxaca, Mexico, to get the ball rolling, sourcing their mezcal from a small local village. “We found it, and it was perfect,” Paul continued. “Holy shit it was perfect. We looked at each other and just simply nodded. This is it. We named it Dos Hombres – two guys on a quest.”

The Mezcal has been launched in California and New York, with a view to extending its reach throughout the US over the next few months, before exploring the possibility of exporting outside of the country.

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Trading Meth For Mezcal - Dos Hombres

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