Alex Boon Wins Australia's World Class Competition Final

Diageo Reserve WORLD CLASS, has revealed Alex Boon from Mjølner in Melbourne to be the winner of their Australian 2019 final.

By: Tiff Christie|July 10,2019

An exceptionally crafted cocktail is all about the experience. More than just the liquid in the glass, it is a layered multi-sensory package that equally relies on ambience, garnishes, music, coasters and glassware.

Creating that experience is what Diageo’s World Class Cocktail Competition is all about. And the company have revealed that the person best able to achieve that balance in Australia is Alex Boon from Melbourne bar Mjølner.


Australia’s 2019 WORLD CLASS winner, Alex Boon with Australia’s WORLD CLASS Ambassador, Krystal Hart

For Boon, his Diageo experience has only just begun, as he is set to compete against 55 other nations for the title of Global Bartender of the Year 2019 when he flies out to Scotland in Septemeber.

Beating hundreds of bartenders from across the nation, Boon will now head to Scotland on 24  – 26 September to fly the flag for Australia and compete against 55 other nations for the title of Global Bartender of the Year 2019.

Boon marked his 4th year entering the competition with this exceptional win, demonstrating unique flair, passion and creativity during the event.

The 2019 Australian competition challenged professional bartenders across the country to create a unique cocktail using spirits from Diageo’s Reserve portfolio – Ketel One Vodka, Tanqueray No. TEN Gin and Talisker 10-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky.

For the grand final the Top 20 were put through their paces at a two-day event hosted at The Dolphin & Scout Bar in Sydney, by a panel of industry experts, judged on quality, presentation, service and of course, taste


Krystal Hart, Australia’s WORLD CLASS Ambassador, added: “This year was highly competitive and a showcase of extraordinary talent. It’s exciting to see how innovative Australia’s bar industry has become. Alex impressed us early on, and his continued sense of creativity and attention to detail really shone through in the judge’s eyes.

“Once again the competition has inspired us with new ideas, and we can’t wait to touch down in Glasgow where Alex will demonstrate what Australia has to offer.”

Currently, in its 11th year, the WORLD CLASS Bartender of the Year competition continues to support, educate and inspire, more than 350,000 bartenders through its advocacy programs.

Now spanning more than  60 countries, with more than 10,000 bartenders entering the competition each year it continues to be instrumental in transforming fine drinking and cocktail culture around the world.

The Global Finals will be held 24 – 26 September in Glasgow, Scotland. Those interested in finding out more about WORLD CLASS Global Bartender Competition can visit or the WORLD CLASS Facebook community.

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Alex Boon Wins Australia's World Class Competition Final

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