Negroni Week Cocktail Party

The Negroni is a hundred years old this year, so why not grab some friends and get each of them to bring a bottle of Campari, Sweet Vermouth & Gin

By: Tiff Christie|June 27,2019

In case you hadn’t already noticed, this week is all Negroni’s, all the time.

Yes, it’s Negroni Week and while we will still encourage you to go to your local Negroni purveyor to ensure that some of your hard earned dosh is given to charity, we’d also suggest you throw a bit of a party.


You see this year is a special year for the Negroni – it’s the 100th anniversary of the cocktail. So yes, 100 years ago, Count Negroni threw caution to the wind and said ‘No, to Soda Water. Make mine with gin” and bartenders have been doing that ever since.


Now obviously at a Negroni party, you’re going to drink a Negroni. But don’t end up being shackled behind the bar all night, give yourself a break and get it bottled. There is such a range of bottled Negronis available that it’s easy to just scatter them around and let your guests fend for themselves (as long as you remember to provide enough Oranges for garnish).


1. Melbourne Martini Naked Negroni –  2. Everleigh Bottling Co Negroni – 3. Campari Bottled Negroni –,            4. Tesco Finest Negroni –, 5. Aussie Tipple Negroni –, 6. Small Batch Bathtub Cut Negroni –, 7. Fatmans Aged Negroni –, 8. Handmade Cocktail Co’s Negroni Cocktail –, 9. Banks Street Cocktail Co Negroni –, 10. Benjamin & Blum Negroni Cocktail –


What sort of Negroni party would it really be without a certain amount of Negroni swag around the house? ‘There’s Negroni swag?’ I hear you ask. Oh my yes – everything from pins to socks to T-shirts can let everyone at your Negroni party know just how much of a Negroni nut you really are.


1. Negroni pin –, 2. Negroni t-shirt –, 3. Negroni socks –, 4. Count Negroni pin –, 5. Mister Bitters – Negroni –, 6. I Bleed Negroni – t-shirt –, 7. Gaz Regan Negroni (finger) stirrer – gold –, 8. The Negroni (book) – Gary Regan –


You can easily replicate the Italian aperitivo experience at home too, no matter where you are. Aperitivo is all about simplicity and ease and a great way to unwind with flatmates, family or friends. Here are three incredibly easy to make Negroni and food combinations to get you started.

Charcuterie board paired with a characterful and malty Negroni

A truly epic charcuterie board, filled with a variety of cured meats, something pickled, maybe a little pate and some artisan breads, is truly a sight to behold. While the main attraction of a charcuterie board is (and should) be the meat, which when paired with a Negroni will offset the salty goodness, it’s still a good idea to add some fresh in-season fruit as a way to add a little sweetness and layer the experience.

Cheeseboard paired with a fruity Negroni

It may be a little bit of a 70’s throw-back, but the cheese board is still easily the simplest and tastiest aperitivo classic to put together.
Pile an alpine cheese like Gruyere, alongside Manchego and some quince jam, Gouda and a healthy block of Cheddar for the ultimate cheese platter to match. A good piece of advice is for some of the semi-firm cheeses to be pre-sliced and to leave the smoky cheeses for another occasion. Add in some roasted almonds and perhaps some seedless graapes as a nice add on, next to a selection of quality crackers.

Bruschetta paired with a bright, lighter Negroni

Bruschetta is almost the perfect little aperitivo dish. Not too big but packed with flavour. They can be served with either warm or cold bread and combine the two fundamental Italian staples; tomato and basil.

A selection of these little gems will  bring beaming smiles every time and actually allows the maker quite a few ways to get creative too. Simply alterer what you add into the mix based preferences (some like to add goats cheese or black olives to the tomato and basil for example).


A little Italian lounge music will certainly add to the mood.

Ice breakers

If you are unsure what you’ll talk about, then we have a few articles that can provide some fun facts for you and your guests.

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Negroni Week Cocktail Party

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