New Bottles For Your Home Bar This June

From Negronis to Rum, June has turned out some pretty exciting releases that are definitely worth adding to your home bar arsenal

By: Tiff Christie|June 22,2019

Sailor Jerry’s Savage Apple


Sailor Jerry’s Savage Apple, is a 70 proof apple-flavoured spiced rum, marking the first new liquid innovation since the launch of the original Sailor Jerry 19 years ago.

True to the traditional notes of vanilla and cinnamon in Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Savage Apple adds a bold, in-your-face flavour of fresh, lively apple and cinnamon – Best served chilled, this all-in rum goes down smooth.

“Savage Apple is an amazing addition to the Sailor Jerry story. This is the first new product we’ve ever released, and it is a fantastic liquid; one we know our fans will enjoy for its quality and bold nature,” said Anthony Bohlinger, Sailor Jerry Brand Ambassador.

At present only available in New York and Florida with a further roll out across the USA expected later in the year. For more info go to 

Bacardi Coconut Rum


Bacardí is launching their Coconut Rum in the UK, with an initial release through ASDA stores from 20 June. Bacardi Coconut is made by infusing white rum with coconut flavours yet resulting in a clean, fresh mouthfeel.

the latest in a series of flavoured rum launches from Bacardi, Bacardí Coconut aims to transport drinkers to a tropical paradise. The spirit’s “intense yet distinctive” taste of fresh coconut “carries a rich aroma”, said to be synonymous with the classic island vibe of Bacardí.

According to Bacardí, the new flavoured rum is best enjoyed with a tropical mixer like pineapple juice or used in a cocktail such as Piña Colada.

The flavour is expected to be rolled out across the UK later in the year. For more information on the flavour go to

Unico Yuzu Vermouth


Unico Zelo, an Adelaide based winery, have come up with a small batch vermouth infused with Yuzu, the punchy Japanese citrus (just in time for Negroni Week!).

A collaboration between Unico Zelo and Økar Bitter Amaro, Unico Yuzu Sweet Vermouth is crafted from sustainable grape spirit and Victorian Mountain Yuzu Fruit, featuring Nebbiolo, Økar Bitter Amaro, Fresh Wormwood and Yuzu Spirit.

“Unico Yuzu was a project inspired by fun & love, of culture, context and iconic flavour,” said producer Brendan Carter. “It’s a quirky and curious release that speaks to the way we love to drink, revelling in texture, vitality and flavour.”

The Vermouth is available through 

Four Pillars Negronis


Four Pillars is celebrating Negroni Week and 100 years of the Negroni by bottling the cocktail in a limited edition range, using its different gins for each variety.

The bottled Negronis will be available in four flavours – Woodland (based on Rare Dry Gin), Coastal (based on Underground Sydney Gin), Metropolitan (based on Spiced Negroni Gin) and Desert (based on Bloody Shiraz Gin) – and are representative of different ecosystems in Australia, created by Four Pillars creative director of drinks James Irvine.

During Negroni Week, one dollar from every Negroni and Negroni four-pack sold at the Four Pillars distillery and from the Four Pillars website will go to OzHarvest. Partnering venues will be supporting charities of their choice.

The Four Pillars Negronis are available in single 200mL and a four-pack via


KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin


The Kyoto Distillery, Japan’s first dedicated artisan gin distillery, has announced the Australian launch of its multi-award-winning KI NO BI Kyoto Dry Gin.

Head distiller Alex Davies and his team use the soft waters of Fushimi, famed for centuries for the highest quality sake production, and a selection of locally-grown ingredients, such as yellow yuzu from the north, hinoki chips (Japanese cypress), bamboo, ginger, gyokuro tea from the legendary Uji region and green sanshō (Japanese peppercorn).

The concept of ‘konwa’ is key to KI NO BI; combining and creating harmony. Botanicals are separated into six different categories (base, citrus, tea, herbal, spice and floral), each category is then steeped in rice spirit before being distilled individually. The distillates are then blended together before being left to marry, which allows the disparate flavours to harmonise.

For more information visit

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New Bottles For Your Home Bar This June

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