William Grant & Sons Launches Ultra-Low ABV Spirit

Spirits giant William Grant & Sons, has launched its first venture into the ultra-low alcohol spirit arena, with two expressions bottled at 0.5% ABV.

By: Tiff Christie|June 5,2019

The word atopia may normally refer to a society which does not have territorial borders, but in the hands of liquor giant William Grant & Sons, it is about to take on a whole new low-abv meaning.

The over 130-Year-Old Liquor Company, who you probably best know from brands like Glenfiddich, Monkey Shoulder, Drambuie & Hendricks, has entered the low-alcohol category with the launch of their new brand Atopia.

Available in two expressions, Spiced Citrus and Wild Blossom, Atopia is made from “natural” distillates, flavours and extracts, and comes in at a remarkable 0.5% ABV

Created by Lesley Gracie, the master distiller for Henrick’s, the spirit contains 75 times less alcohol than a standard gin and tonic.

The brand aims to “create an accessible yet special flavour profile to elevate the moderated drinking experience”.

Coming hot on the heels of Seedlip’s release of Æcorn, William Grant & Sons is just one of a number of large alcohol brands to join the burgeoning low-alcohol sector in the past year.

Atopia’s flavour is attained through natural distillation and botanical extraction to “build layers of taste complexity and sophistication”.

The spirits company has uploaded two tutorials to Youtube demonstrating how to use its new products.

Atopia Spiced Citrus is said to reflect “the tastes of the seasons” with notes of “zesty citrus” and “gentle spice”. It is recommended served with Indian tonic water and garnished with an orange slice.

Meanwhile, Atopia Wild Blossom is described as “green apple meets floral notes with a hint of smokiness” and is best served with Mediterranean tonic water and a slice of green apple for garnish.

“Atopia is a special liquid that uses our distilling and blending expertise to create a new generation of spirits,“ said Gracie.

“Inspired by the more mindful, lifestyle choices of today’s consumer, the exquisite liquid comes in two perfectly balanced flavours.

“We’ve used our distilling heritage and expertise to ensure no compromise on flavour is experienced when drinking the ultra-low alcohol spirit. The flavour is full, from first taste to finish.”

The Atopia range is available across the UK this week with an international rollout expected later in the year.

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William Grant & Sons Launches Ultra-Low ABV Spirit

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