Strain And Fine Strain All With One Tool

If you find that fine straining your latest cocktail ends up as more of a juggling act than a coordinated effort, we have a Kickstarter product for you.

By: Tiff Christie|March 6,2019

Have you ever seen a new product out on the market and immediately thought to yourself “I could have thought of that” and then repeatedly kicked yourself for the rest of the day for not being a gazillionaire? Yep, we’ve all been there.

And there is a new product on Kickstarter that will definitely make you think like that but it’s also a bar tool that you will wonder how you could ever have lived without.

The Kilpatrick Fine Strainer is the first all-in-one cocktail fine strainer.

Now as you know, the current method of fine straining drinks, which the majority of bars either professional or at home do, calls for a two-tool, two-step process. The Kilpatrick eliminates a tool and a step, while simultaneously creating the only strainer you’ll ever need.

The company, Poor Man’s Kitchen, have combined the fine straining functionality of a mesh tea strainer onto the body of a Hawthorne strainer. If you are anything like us, you are kicking yourself right now as you see the simplicity yet genius of this idea.


And as you would assume, this has been made by bartenders, for bartenders

The project started 4 years ago when George Carney from Poor Man’s Kitchen was having a drink with a fellow bartending colleague at the time, Ted Kilpatrick.

“It struck me like lightning and I set out to make it, refusing to give up throughout the four-year development process, Carney told The name is a tribute to him, as is the “T” design in the handle.

The other advantage in being able to use an all-in-one tool is that you can fine strain two cocktails at a time. As the hand that would normally have held the fine strainer is free, you can easily be shaking and straining two cocktails at one.


“The tool is finally ready for production and I’ve launched a pre-order via Kickstarter to fund the first round of production,”

Kickstarter is being used as a pre-order platform to fund the first round of production, with discounted pricing built into initial orders as an incentive. So if you are looking to streamline your cocktail making and avoid the sometimes clumsy coordination need to fine strain, why not have a look at their Kickstarter and give them some love.

We predict this is a product that will not only make you look more professional behind your home bar but will streamline your processes.

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Strain And Fine Strain All With One Tool

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