Jim Beam Campaign celebrates Family Values

Jim Beam has just released a worldwide campaign called ‘Raised Right’ that shows the value of treating those around you like family

By: Tiff Christie|February 7,2019

This week, Jim Beam Bourbon unveiled its global “Raised Right” marketing campaign, which shares what the brand has learned from seven generations of family—how to treat a person, and how to make a whiskey.

The first TV advertisement under Jim Beam’s new campaign, titled “Celebration,” tells the story of James B. Beam leading up to the end of Prohibition—and the group of family and friends who helped him rebuild the brand’s now iconic distillery in a mere 120 days following the law’s repeal.

“Jim Beam’s explosive growth in the U.S. and overseas in recent years has shown us that our consumers appreciate the brand’s heritage and the way we make our bourbon,” said David Campbell, vice president of global integrated marketing communications at Beam Suntory.

“We set out to create a campaign that focuses on the good created by treating those around you like family. The little-known story from our past that is told in ‘Celebration’ illustrates how those values are just as relevant now as back then, and establishes the meaning of our ‘Raised Right’ campaign.”

“Raised Right” launched in the U.S., Australia and Germany and will soon be expanding to other markets globally. This 360-degree marketing campaign is supported by TV, digital and print advertising, local activations and retail marketing.

The “Raised Right” campaign and “Celebration” TV advertisement mark Jim Beam’s first collaboration with global advertising agency adam&eveNYC.

”Celebration will feature on a number of television networks worldwide. In addition to ‘Celebration’, the campaign will include ‘Watching’, a shorter modern-day film “that heroes the Beam family’s distilling legacy”.


About Jim Beam Bourbon

Jim Beam has been crafted by seven generations of family distillers since 1795. It achieves an elegant, smooth, refined edge by being ageing in new charred oak barrels.
Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s seventh generation master distiller, has stayed true to the family recipe that’s been passed down through generations.

The Jim Beam portfolio of products includes Jim Beam Bourbon, Jim Beam Black, Jim Beam Double Oak, Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, Jim Beam Bonded, Jim Beam Rye, Jim Beam Distiller’s Masterpiece, Jim Beam Vanilla, Jim Beam Apple, Jim Beam Honey and Jim Beam Kentucky Fire among other offerings.



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Jim Beam Campaign celebrates Family Values

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