Two Recipes From Lobo Plantation's New Menu

Sydney’s Lobo Plantation are changing their menu and we have the recipes for two of their new drinks for you to try at home.

By: Tiff Christie|January 16,2019

Now that the sugar-filled excess of the holiday season is behind us, most of our taste buds are crying out for something more savoury and perhaps a little more bitter.

And it seems that the bartenders at Sydney bar Lobo Plantation have heard our cries and come prepared, as they prepare for a flavour shift with their new Cocktail menu tonight.


Splendour Spritz by Daniel Hilton

Blurring the lines between food and drink, the bar is championing a combination of usual flavours prepared in a sustainable manner to satisfy the palate in search of the not-so-sweet.

Now while the crossover between kitchen and bar isn’t exactly a new phenomenon, its Cocktails like these that promise a global movement towards incorporating ingredients that had, up until recently, had no place at the bar.

It’s all about the flavour

So what can a home mixologist take away from this new menu? Well, a definite knowledge that flavour is now the name of the game and experimentation is king. But it’s not just about ensuring that the flavour profiles are distinctive, but that flavours you wouldn’t expect can be brought to life in non-traditional ways using old techniques.

We wanted to lead with something more vegetal,” said Hilton. “The bartenders are pushing towards different flavours on the new menu, so rather than just sweet and sour, we’re looking towards more bitters, more vegetal, looking towards those greener, grassier flavours”.


This Dance by Chloe Natterer

This can be seen through new Cocktail on their list such as Sandrooo where Sherry, Apricot Jam & Jalapeño are mixed with Rum and in the drink Gravesend where Rum, Sherry and Coconut infused Avena mix happily.

Two new Cocktails for you to try

Lobo gave us a preview of two of the new drinks on their list and provided the recipes so that you can give them a try at home as well.

The first cocktail is a Splendour Spritz which he describes as being made for people who like going to Splendour In The Grass.

“I wanted to call it Splendour in the Glass, but I couldn’t do that in the end … too many puns”.

The drink incorporates a White Grapefruit and Orange Saccharum which is a variation of an Oleo- Saccharum which was common in bartending in the 19th century. It literally means sugared oil, and it is a technique for extracting citrus oil from the peels.

Lobo though is using the whole fruit – piths and all – so nothing is discarded.

The second cocktail recipe we have is for a drink they are calling This Dance, which is a twist on a cobbler/mojito-style drink, which incorporates a Minted Capsicum Syrup, which is a really nice vegetal, peppery crispness to it.

Splendour Spritz


40ml Gin

20ml Aperol

30ml White Grapefruit & Orange Saccharum

20ml Acid Solution*

2 dash Caramon & Pepper Bitters

1 dash Absinthe


Shake all ingredients (except Champagne) and fine strain into a wine glass with ice. Top with Champagne. garnish with Orange & a Pineapple frond

This Dance


30ml Bacardi Superior

30ml Mezcal

30ml Lime Juice

25ml Mint & cardamom Syrup

2 dash Tiki Bitters


Build all ingredients in a Highball glass with crushed ice and churn. Garnish with Mint.


*Acid Solution

10g Citric, 7g Malic, 170mls Water, 5g Bicarbonate – Mix acids and water until dissolved. Add Bicarbonate and stir through reaction.


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Two Recipes From Lobo Plantation's New Menu

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